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Robin Wright

Veteran journalist Wright gives primer to week on Iran

When Robin Wright traveled to Iran on Oct. 6, 1973, on assignment for The Christian Science Monitor, she didn’t know a war was about to begin.

“That was also the day the fourth Middle East War broke out, and I’ve been covering the Middle East since then,” she said.

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Ori Soltes

Chautauqua Discoveries’ Soltes takes historical look at Iran

For several years, Ori Soltes has been speaking in the Amphitheater, Hall of Philosophy and other areas on the Chautauqua grounds about religion, art and culture. But for this week, Soltes gets a smaller audience all to himself.

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Karen Armstrong

Armstrong to speak on progress, seeing Iran as more than a ‘cheap gas station’

If Americans and Europeans want to get any closer to aiding peace in the Middle East, they need to rethink their perspectives, said author Karen Armstrong.

“I think we’ve just got to stop looking at these countries as so many cheap gas stations,” Armstrong said.

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Robin Wright

Iranian political map in a state of constant change

The intelligence chief of a Persian Gulf country once told me his secret formula for judging the national political mood.

“Watch the traffic,” he advised.

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Sara Hurwitz, Mary Ramerman and Amina Wadud participate in an Abrahamic panel moderated by Nadine Epstein, seated at right, Friday afternoon in the Hall of Philosophy. At top, Hurwitz, Ramerman and Epstein. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

Abrahamic women share stories of faith and courage on panel

Rabba Sara Hurwitz declared, “There’s no such thing as pluralism, if one part of the population isn’t allowed to sit at the table.”

Hurwitz was a part of Friday’s panel in the Hall of Philosophy, “Jewish, Christian and Muslim Women Seeking Clergy Equality,” which included a moderator and three clergywomen breaking down societal barriers in their pursuit of leadership and service.

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The Catholic House is located near the Amphitheater. Photo by Demetrius Freeman.

Chautauqua Catholic Community celebrates 25 years

Chautauqua’s Catholic Community turns 25 years old this weekend. And while there may not be a cake or piñata swinging from the ceiling of the Hall of Christ, members have planned special events for the Community’s birthday party.

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The Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, director of religion and Chautauqua’s pastor, introduces the 2011 Interfaith Lecture Series during Week One. Photo by Megan Tan.

In Living into Hope, Campbell’s truth telling takes book form

The famous publishing paradox is that the easiest, and often only, way to get a book published is to have had a book already published. After the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell gave an unusually personal speech at the Washington National Cathedral, a long-haired young woman from a company called Skylight Paths approached Campbell with a simple request.

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Week Six writers-in-residence tap into memory, conflict

Laura Kasischke and Joe Jackson are looking to increase the intensity of writing this week at the Writers’ Center. Drawing from old memories, obsessions, strife and conflict, they will push writers to turn up the heat on their poetry and prose.

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