Digitell’s Zambotti speaks with Men’s Club Friday on technology advances

Jim Zambotti, media director with Digitell, Inc. will be the speaker for the Chautauqua Men’s Club at 9 a.m. Friday in the United Methodist House. Zambotti will discuss technology advances during the past 15 years and how Digitell has utilized that technology in the professional market. Specific issues include e-learning, live-streamed education, 3D immersive education, social networking, education through iPads and mobile devices, and Internet marketing.

Digitell is a multimedia company involved in the capture and distribution of educational content for the nonprofit sector. Digitell’s services expand to include live streaming, on-demand archiving and content distribution for more than 100 associations.

Zambotti is a graduate of the State University of New York Fredonia with a bachelor’s degree in interactive design and a minor in graphic design. He has worked for Digitell for 11 years and has experience in CD-ROM development, interactive design, advertising and Web-based development.

The Men’s Club talks are held in the United Methodist House, near the Amphitheater. Anyone who would like to recommend a speaker for next year’s program can contact Clem Reiss at creiss58@gmail.com.