Photos: Recognition Day 2012

Photos by Adam Birkan.

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Boys’ and Girls’ Clubbers display Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle banners along the rear of the Amphitheater choir loft at the conclusion of Wednesday’s Recognition Day parade. The banners present are those of classes represented in the annual parade. Boys’ and Girls’ Club participation is a Recognition Day parade tradition, as is Children’s School students tossing flower petals along the route.

Longtime Chautauquan Ed Kurtz, in his wheelchair, leads the Class of 2012 on the route to the Amphitheater for Wednesday’s morning lecture. The Daily profiled Kurtz on Page 2 of the Wednesday, Aug. 8, edition.

Chautauquan Steve Piper leads the parade up the walk and steps to the Hall of Philosophy as the CLSC Class of 2012 makes its way through the newly renovated tradtional Golden Gates.

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