Hirtle Callaghan & Co. sponsors Beverly Warren lecture in the Amp

In the spring of 1970, four students were fatally shot at a Vietnam War protest at Kent State University. Almost five decades later, the memory still burns bright in the minds of the Kent State community.

In an effort to assure the tragic event will not be forgotten, Hirtle Callaghan & Co. is sponsoring Beverly Warren’s lecture at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 15, in the Amphitheater. Warren currently serves as president of Kent State University.

“(Chautauqua Institution is) a leader in the country in regard to important topical dialogue in the United States,” said Peter Holway, principal and investment officer for Hirtle Callaghan. “As a graduate of Kent State University and a current member of (its) board, what happened on the campus on May 4, 1970, should never be forgotten or happen again on a college campus in the USA, so (Warren’s lecture) fits right into the theme of the week.”

Hirtle Callaghan is an investment firm and has underwritten programming at Chautauqua Institution for the last 12 years. The company is the chief investment officer for the Chautauqua Foundation.

“We are absolute advocates and believers of the mission of Chautauqua,” Holway said. “We have had a great collaborative relationship, and I think part of that collaboration is us supporting programs at Chautauqua.”

For more information on underwriting opportunities at Chautauqua, please contact Leah Stow, assistant director of the Chautauqua Fund, at 716-357-6405 or

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