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1884 dinner showcases inventive, progressive cuisine

1884 dinner showcases inventive, progressive cuisine

His hands move deftly as he pulls the twine in loops over the beef tenderloin.

It’s a practiced movement for Ross Warhol, the 24-year-old executive chef of the Athenaeum Hotel. He does it as he talks, as he samples the soup to check its progress, as he fields questions from the other six people who comprise his kitchen team.

Warhol, whose kitchen must feed several hundred tonight for dinner, takes a break to chat about an inventive dinner he has planned this week — the 1884 dinner. It’s the first in a series of three Praxis dinners. Warhol gives a few instructions on his way out, but when he steps out of the kitchen, he is attentive and talks about his dinners with gusto.

For the 1884 dinner, a five-course meal with seating from 5:30–8 p.m. Friday at the Athenaeum, he will serve reinvented dishes from an 1884 menu from the Chautauqua archives, Ida Edison’s family cookbook and recipes from the 1888 Bird, Tree & Garden Club.