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Gabby Salva and Libby Goodell are two of the three Club “Counselors of the Week” for Week Two.'  Photo by Demetrius Freeman.

Group 7 Girls leaders earn ‘Counselors of the Week’ honors

At the end of Week Two, three Boys’ and Girls’ Club counselors were decorated with Club’s top honors: the “Counselors of the Week” award.

Gabby Salva, 18, from Napa, Calif., Libby Goodell, 19, from Bronxville, N.Y., and Suzie Tuthill, 17, from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, took home the award last Friday.

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Luisa Miller, played by Barbara Quintiliani, learns her father has been taken to jail and awaits execution, in a performance of Luisa Miller in the Amphitheater Saturday. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

A grand spectacle

Following last season’s grand Norma, the Chautauqua Opera Company achieved even finer results Saturday evening with a fine but under-appreciated Giuseppe Verdi work that represents a midpoint between the bel canto style of Norma and the full-out “music drama” Verdi and Wagner were to develop later in the 19th century: 1849’s Luisa Miller. While, it’s never been a crowd-pleaser like Rigoletto or La traviata, it’s a passionate story — full of melodrama, but also full of feeling — and the music is wonderful, culminating in a third act that ranks among the great single acts in Verdi’s huge output.

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U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black addresses the audience during his Interfaith Lecture Friday in the Hall of Philosophy. Photo by Demetrius Freeman.

Black: ‘We the people’ must preserve ethics in government

“Perhaps Chaplain Black’s spirit could best be described by the words that he gave to the president of Oakwood College … he said then, ‘For most of my life, I sought a relationship with God,’” Jane Campbell said in her introduction of U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black, the 2 p.m. Friday Interfaith Lecture speaker.

Campbell is the former mayor of Cleveland and was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. She currently serves as the chief of staff to Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.). Campbell is also one of the parishioners at Black’s Wednesday noon Bible study for heads of staff in Washington, D.C.

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The Brass Band of the Western Reserve. Submitted photo.

Chautauqua audience keeps Brass Band coming back to Amp

The term “Western Reserve” refers to a patch of land in northeast Ohio previously owned by the state of Connecticut in the 18th century. Members of the Brass Band of the Western Reserve picked that name over, say, “Brass Band of Akron,” to highlight the group’s diverse geographical makeup.

“It just seemed like a good name,” said band director Keith M. Wilkinson. “We didn’t want to pinpoint the name to any particular city, because that’s not the band.”

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Former detective brings Buddhism to Mystic Heart

Before he was the abbot of a Zen Buddhist center, Michael O’Sullivan was a New York City detective for 20 years.

You read that right.

In fact, if it weren’t for an accident while he was on the job, O’Sullivan might not have discovered meditation at all.

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Keith Rogers speaks at a NOW Generation event, held at the President’s Cottage, on July 2. NOW Generation is a group of philanthropic supporters at Chautauqua who are under the age of 50. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

NOW Generation reception focuses on spreading the word

The younger set of Chautuauqua Fund donors opened the 2011 Season by greeting old faces and meeting new friends at President Tom Becker’s cottage on Saturday evening. The Beckers held the reception to welcome the NOW Generation back to the Institution. The NOW Generation is a group of Chautauqua Fund donors who are less than 50 years old.

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CPOA uses Dutch concept to encourage courtesy among Chautauquans

“Can I share some space?”

It’s the question that Hugh Butler, president of the Chautauqua Property Owners Association, wants Chautauquans to ask again this season.

CPOA is beginning the second summer of its Shared Space Initiative. Butler said this summer is less about spreading the Shared Space logo and more about knowing and practicing the idea behind it.

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The five Chautauqua Theater Company conservatory actors taking part in Saturday’s Late Night Mask Show pose with their clown noses in front of Rehearsal Shack 65, where the performance will take place. Submitted photo.

CTC’s Late Night Mask Show full of silly fun

Masks, clown noses and a silly show are scheduled to take place at 10:30 p.m. Saturday at the Chautauqua Theater Company’s Late Night Mask Show. The show will take place outside rehearsal shacks 64 and 65.

Although it falls during Week Two programming dates, the show will take on the theme from Week Three, which is “American Intelligence: Technology, Espionage and Alliances,” said Artistic Director Vivienne Benesch.

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