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Ross Warhol and Alex Gray, the Athenaeum Hotel’s executive and sous chefs, review plans during preparations for the third “Praxis” dinner.

Chef brings art to culinary arts at Athenaeum Hotel

Though he has worked at the best restaurants in the world — from el Bulli in Spain to Alinea in Chicago — he hates eating his own food and detests cooking for himself after spending hours steeped in kitchen accoutrements. Instead, Executive Chef Ross Warhol snacks on Frank’s Red Hot with cottage cheese, gummy bears and Breyers black raspberry ice cream.

Managing the Athenaeum Hotel kitchen’s creation of three meals a day, Warhol rarely eats any full meals himself. He instead subsists on taste-testing his dishes and remains energized despite the fact that he averages only a few hours of sleep a night.

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Straight No Chaser

Pitch Perfect: A cappella to be served ‘Straight No Chaser’ to Chautauqua audience

A cappella is making a comeback.

In a world of the technically enhanced, society still has a fondness for purity. Raw talent takes the Amphitheater stage tonight in the form of 10 male voices who make up the a cappella group Straight No Chaser.

“I love seeing audience reactions,” said tenor Ryan Ahlwardt. “I love providing something that, in a way, allows an escape from daily realities.”

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Chautauquan brings ‘Trio’ of monologues to Fletcher Hall

Chautauqua resident David Zinman is an aspiring playwright at 81 years old, and he has debuted his plays on the Institution’s grounds annually for the past 10 years.

“It’s almost impossible to explain how wonderful that feels: sitting in the dark listening to people say your words and other people sitting and enjoying it,” Zinman said. “Writing is a lonely experience, and playwriting gives you immediate feedback.”

Zinman will again see his work performed at Chautauqua when he debuts staged readings of three monologues, WHIMPs, Bedtime Story and Love Insurance, in one event: Trio at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in Fletcher Music Hall.

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Photo by Adam Birkan.

Chef brings attitude, work ethic to President’s Cottage, Athenaeum

Alex Gray wants to be “that guy.”

As executive chef of the President’s Cottage and sous chef at the Athenaeum Hotel, Gray will do any task, help any employee and cook any dish to the best of his ability.

“If it needs to be done, I’ll do it. I think the phrase ‘that guy’ has gotten poor feedback in the past, but I like to be that guy,” Gray said. “I want people to look around for me, not look around me.”

Gray, returning for his third season at Chautauqua, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and first discovered the Institution while working at the nearby restaurant La Fleur during his college years. La Fleur is also where he met current executive chef of the Athenaeum Hotel, Ross Warhol, also a Culinary Institute of America graduate.

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Oster brings real ingredients from scratch to Farmers Market

Leslie Oster at Miss Leslie’s Curly Maple Café makes each pastry from a savory scone to a crumbling cookie from scratch with natural ingredients. Her café is located in the back right corner of the Chautauqua Institution Farmers’ Market.

“Young people don’t even know what real food tastes like anymore, and it’s a shame,” Oster said.

It is Oster’s first year at the Farmers Market, which runs from 7 to 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday on Massey, just inside the Main Gate to the right. Oster operates but one of many stands at the market.

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CTC welcomes new age of maturity with announcement of 2013 line-up

The 29th season of Chautauqua Theater Company closed last Friday with Bratton Late Night, marking the 52nd performance in 56 days.

The season bubbled with unknowns. Vivienne Benesch became sole artistic director; Sarah Clare Corporandy stepped into the role of managing director; and Fifty Ways, the season’s second full production, offered the first-ever CTC world premiere on the Chautauqua grounds.

As the highest-grossing CTC season yet and with The Philadelphia Story marking the highest-paid capacity of any one show in CTC history, the 29th year has been a smash hit for CTC.

“I am incredibly proud of this season,” Benesch said. “It has been a truly remarkable season.”

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Moafi waits off stage for her cue during technical rehearsal for As You Like It on Aug. 8. The cast did not finish rehearsing until midnight.

Becoming Rosalind: Moafi brings alignment of body, self to acting work

The day after opening night of Chautauqua Theater Company’s As You Like It, Sepideh Moafi, who portrays protagonist Rosalind, prepares herself for the next performance with yoga on the stage of Bratton Theater. With lights dimmed and the theater cleared, she works, breathing deeply.

It helps her clear her mind, stay open and move into her body. Moafi works out six days a week.

Moafi emanates determination. When not exercising, she runs lines or analyzes the script. Operatically trained conservatory actor Moafi functions best when focused and in tune with herself.

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Bratton Late Night Cabaret weds irreverence with talent in final CTC performance

Ranging from slam poetry and drum performances to songs and skits, Chautauqua Theater Company’s one-night-only Bratton Late Night Cabaret is always a surprise. All 14 conservatory actors perform together for the last time on one stage.

Bratton Late Night debuts at 10:30 p.m. tonight in Bratton Theater, and it is CTC’s final event of the season. The whole show is thrown together betwixt rehearsals for the final production, As You Like It, which closes at 4 p.m. today in Bratton Theater.

Directing fellow Sash Bischoff, the conservatory actors and the four design fellows organize the entire show. All of the senior staff is kept in the dark about the events of the evening, so each year lends itself to new surprises.

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