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Adam Birkan | Daily File PhotoPianist Alexander Gavrylyuk performs Rachmanioff’s Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 1, in the first of two guest appearances with the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra during the 2012 Season, on July 26, 2012, in the Amphitheater. The Chautauqua favorite returns to play a solo concert at 8:15 p.m. tonight.

Shades of colors of sound

Alexander Gavrylyuk is coming to Chautauqua Institution during a week of debates on morality, economics and social contract theories. His reason is simple: Here, he is free.

“For a performer, it is the most important thing to be free onstage,” Gavrylyuk said, “to simply dissolve into the world of music and find artistic truth in every piece. Every good artist can really perform only when they’re free inside, when they feel liberated.”

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Adam Birkan | Daily File PhotoA member of the “Gizmo Guys” act performs July 3, 2012, at Smith Wilkes Hall for the Family Entertainment Series. The Tuesday evening programs are made possible through sponsorship of the local telecommunications company DFT Communications.

DFT spreads community cheer with Tuesday FES programs

Over the course of the season, Chautauqua Institution will host special Community Appreciation Nights on select Tuesday evenings as part of the Family Entertainment Series. These nights of family fun are made possible through the sponsorship of DFT Communications, Partners in Technology, a local telecommunications company that not only specializes in providing phone and Internet service to Chautauqua County, but also takes great pride in family and community values.

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Ross Warhol and Alex Gray, the Athenaeum Hotel’s executive and sous chefs, review plans during preparations for the third “Praxis” dinner.

Chef brings art to culinary arts at Athenaeum Hotel

Though he has worked at the best restaurants in the world — from el Bulli in Spain to Alinea in Chicago — he hates eating his own food and detests cooking for himself after spending hours steeped in kitchen accoutrements. Instead, Executive Chef Ross Warhol snacks on Frank’s Red Hot with cottage cheese, gummy bears and Breyers black raspberry ice cream.

Managing the Athenaeum Hotel kitchen’s creation of three meals a day, Warhol rarely eats any full meals himself. He instead subsists on taste-testing his dishes and remains energized despite the fact that he averages only a few hours of sleep a night.

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Proud Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle 2012 graduates Jennifer Shore and Sara Toth, the 2012 and 2009–2010 Chautauquan Daily literary reporters, respectively, hold up their diplomas on Recognition Day Aug. 8. Photo by Adam Birkan.

Recognition reflection: Two Daily literary reporters on what graduating from CLSC means to them

Each year, The Chautauquan Daily literary reporter spends the summer talking to authors, researching, reading and writing.

He or she typically writes a minimum of five stories per week, which covers the Writers’ Center, the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, the CLSC Alumni Association and the Chautauqua Literary Arts Friends.

With the responsibilities to the paper, reading all of the CLSC selections proves difficult for most, but this year, the current literary reporter and the 2009–2010 literary reporter graduated from CLSC.

Both wanted to share their connection to the Institution and first-hand experience as CLSC graduates.

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Tasso Spanos stretches inside Hurlbut Church. Spanos suffered a stroke five months ago and still has trouble with his speech. His recovery has been helped by his training in exercises for dealing with pain, which he has taught for years through Chautauqua’s Special Studies program. Photo by Adam Birkan.

Muscle therapist Spanos heals self through own methods

Five months ago, while treating a patient, Tasso Spanos suffered what was supposed to have been a life-ending stroke. He collapsed on the floor and found himself unable to speak, with the right side of his body partially paralyzed.

Fortunately, his patient called emergency services and Spanos arrived at the hospital in less than 20 minutes. Even more fortunately, Spanos is a certified trigger point myotherapist who studied under Dr. Janet Travell, the first White House physician, and is an expert on the human body and its recovery.

Spanos first began studying trigger point therapy many years ago, when he saw Bonnie Prudden on tour with her book Pain Erasure. At the time, his wife was suffering from fibromyalgia, and traditional doctors couldn’t seem to help her.

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Jim Braham and Isabel Pederson
Photo by Adam Birkan.

Braham Fund celebrates former Institution president, family’s dedication to Chautauqua

Before W. Walter Braham had ever been to Chautauqua, N.Y., he paid his way through law school as a lecturer on the tent Chautauqua circuit.

Years later, he served as president of Chautauqua Institution, from 1956 to 1960.

Braham’s wife, Selina, had a history with the Institution, and introduced Walter to the place.

“My mother had been coming since her childhood,” said Isabel Pedersen, Walter and Selina’s daughter. “She and Dad rented for five years before we bought the family house. He was a new Chautauquan when he got married.”

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Hanson rakes the Sharpe Field softball diamond.

With attention to detail, Hanson keeps recreation facilities in top condition

Taking in a day of fun and relaxation at Chautauqua is easy. People can get some sun at one of the beaches, play a set or two of tennis at the Chautauqua Tennis Center, or work up a sweat at one of the two fitness centers on the grounds.

However, ensuring all of those facilities are safe and up to Chautauquans’ standards means long days and meticulous attention to detail.

Karl Hanson, 21, is the first-year maintenance worker for the Department of Recreation. He oversees the tennis center, the beaches, both fitness centers, Sharpe Field and the lawn bowling green next to the Sports Club.

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Photos: Harmony on parade

All photos by Adam Birkan.

Scenes from Sunday’s performances of acts in the Barbershop Harmony Parade in the Amphitheater.

To purchase reprints of any Daily photographs published in the print edition or online, please contact the Editorial Office at 716-357-6205.

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