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Board to consider updates to ALU regulations at Saturday meeting

At its annual August meeting on Saturday, Aug. 24, Chautauqua Institution’s board of trustees will consider adoption of proposed changes to Chautauqua’s Architectural and Land Use (ALU) Regulations. The revisions are the result of a lengthy review process by a study group assembled by board chairman George Snyder that included a series of public input sessions and community presentations held during the 2011 and 2012 seasons, as well as drafts published online for public review this past fall and spring.

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Ceramics of VACI’s East take viewers to heart of suburbs

David East, a visiting ceramist at Chautauqua Institution’s School of Art, grew up in a ranch-style home in the suburbs, and that house design has proliferated his work ever since. East uses ceramics, sometimes coupled with plastic figurines and wooden tables, to talk about Americana and its legacy.

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Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerJulie Langsam teaches a painting class Monday at the School of Art.

Langsam speaks at VACI lecture series about modernism and utopia

Julie Langsam’s latest series features paintings of the floor plans of famous buildings, realized as a combination of colored rectangles that look like an updated Piet Mondrian piece.

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Henry explains to one of the visitors how he made the models that sit inside "Sphere."

Floating cities: Fowler-Kellogg exhibit takes unique look at ‘City Scapes’

Ryder Henry keeps an entire city in his house. He calls it “4 Lydia,” the street address of his home in Uniontown, Pa., where he decided to build a large model city out of corrugated cardboard and paperboard.

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Chautauqua pair addresses education, performance and worship: history of the Sacred Song Service

On a number of occasions, Jared Jacobsen, Chautauqua organist and worship and sacred music coordinator, and Marlie Bendiksen, Chautauqua Institution Archives associate, have instructed and delighted Chautauqua audiences on the subject of hymns — a little bit of history, a little bit of song.

This year will be a little more of the same and a little bit different. Titled “History of the Sacred Song Service,” their Chautauqua Heritage Lecture Series presentation will begin today at 3:30 p.m. in the Hall of Christ. They invite audience participation.

Given presentations by Jacobsen and Bendikesen in years past, the series’ attention to Chautauqua’s Sacred Song Service is the next logical thing to do, Bendiksen said.

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The Athenaeum at Cayalá, Guatamala, is a civic building with classical proportion and Chautauqua inspiration. Submitted photo.

Thinking like an architect: precedent and history in creative process

  George Cooper | Staff Writer Sometimes it is coincidence. Other times brilliance. Still other times, as architect and Notre Dame professor Richard Economakis says, precedents and historical examples influence the creative process in composing a new piece of art. As part of the Oliver Archives Center Heritage Lecture Series, Economakis will speak at 3:30 […]

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