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Guest actor James Badge Dale (Josh Darbin) and conservatory actor Charlie Thurston (Andrew Levitt) perform in Molly Smith Metzler’s “Carve.” Photo by Mark Anderson.

Kimes joins CTC, playwright Metzler at final ‘World Onstage’

The idea of intellectual property will be the topic of discussion at Chautauqua Theater Company’s “The World Onstage: How Creative Property is Carved Out” at 12:45 p.m. Saturday at the Brawdy Theater Studios. This event, which is the last of the three “The World Onstage” events, will focus on playwright Molly Smith Metzler’s “Carve,” which also is the last of the three plays to be performed in the New Play Workshop Festival.

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James Badge Dale

Well-known actor Dale guests in ‘Carve’

James Badge Dale is no stranger to being in front of an audience or a camera, but as he takes part in Chautauqua Theater Company’s 2011 New Play Workshop Festival, he admits this is by far the shortest amount of time he’s had to work on a theater production.

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Molly Smith Metzler

Play raises issue of intellectual property

Playwright Molly Smith Metzler was enjoying an evening walk in Brooklyn in 2004 when she noticed something unusual. Metzler had just moved to Brooklyn, and these walks were her way of exploring her new home.

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