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Smith explores ‘exclusive trade union’ between early presidents

If you asked Richard Norton Smith what his job is, he probably wouldn’t tell you that he is a presidential historian. Despite rightfully earning his title from years of work as a biographer, head of six presidential libraries and a scholar-in-residence of history, Smith’s passion has always been his love of history, not fulfilling titles.

Smith will take the lecture platform at 10:45 a.m. Thursday to fill in gaps on the Week Nine theme, “The Presidents Club.” His lecture, titled “Hail and Farewell: An Exclusive Trade Union,” will cover relationships between America’s early presidents, before Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy’s book begins with World War II-era presidents.

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Nancy Gibbs, deputy managing editor of Time, and co-author of The Presidents Club, delivers Monday’s morning lecture in the Amp. Photo by Michelle Kanaar.

Gibbs: Former presidents’ relationships go beyond the surface

No one understands what it is like to be president, except those who have held the position.

There is no other role like it.

“The presidency, in their mind, is something of a collective that they all remain part of,” said Nancy Gibbs, co-author of The Presidents Club, during Monday’s morning lecture in the Amphitheater.

The former presidents have all offered one another their support. When Franklin D. Roosevelt died, Herbert Hoover told Harry Truman he had the right to call for any service Hoover could offer to the country. Dwight Eisenhower told Lyndon Johnson he would be there for him any time Johnson needed him. Richard Nixon told Ronald Reagan, “I am yours to command.”

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Naftali sheds light on relationship between Ike, JFK

Timothy J. Naftali, former director of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, is absolutely, definitely, cross his fingers and hope to die, not going to be speaking about former U.S. President Richard Nixon.

Rather, he will be speaking about “The Peacock and the Bald Eagle: The Remarkable Relationship between JFK and Eisenhower,” Tuesday morning at 10:45 a.m. in the Amphitheater, which continues to explore this week’s theme, “The Presidents Club.”

The relatively unreported chapter of the relationship between two presidents of different generations and different parties is also considerably more edifying than Nixonian reminiscences.

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