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Krakauer Quartet provides quirky take on traditional music

Klezmer music, the traditional music of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, was in David Krakauer’s blood. He just didn’t know that until his late 20s.

“Through a series of chance meetings and coincidences, I got into klezmer music,” Krakauer said. “I was a totally assimilated American. None of [my grandparents] spoke Yiddish in front of me, [but] I knew that obviously we didn’t just jump out of an episode of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ on TV.”

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Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet closes 2013 FES

Part of the excitement of hosting the Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet is that after the performance, all of the kids in the audience try their hardest to relevé and pirouette. Holding tight onto a parent’s hand for support — each hoping, even if just for one night, to be the next prima ballerina.

Closing this season’s Family Entertainment Series, the Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet from Jamestown, N.Y., will perform at 7 p.m. tonight in Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall. This marks the ballet company’s eighth performance at Chautauqua Institution.

“I just think it’s a beautiful art form — dance, ballet,” said Monika Alch, CRYB artistic director. “I think that everybody can enjoy it if they understand ballet, or [if] they don’t.”

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Southorn returns to Chautauqua with Amphion String Quartet for Logan series

When violinist David Southorn first came to Chautauqua Institution during the 2009 Season, he saw a string quartet perform in the Logan Chamber Music Series and hoped to perform in the same venue with his own string quartet one day.

Four years later, he returns to the grounds with violinist Katie Hyun, violist Wei-Yang Andy Lin and cellist Mihai Marica. The four musicians make up the Amphion String Quartet, which will perform at 4 p.m. today in Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall.

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Manhattan Piano Trio brings unique sound, new cellist to Logan series

Nobody asked Milana Strezeva, a renowned Moldovan-American pianist, if she wanted to learn to play piano. Her parents invited a music teacher to look at Strezeva’s hands and her fate was pronounced: She had very good hands for the instrument.

Lessons began at age 6, and by 11, Strezeva was accompanying her father, a clarinetist, and her mother, a soprano vocalist, in concert. This was her first chamber music ensemble. Luckily, Strezeva turned out to love chamber music.

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For Chautauqua Quartet, all work and all play

Vahn Armstrong, Diane Bruce, Eva Stern and Jolyon Pegis walked out of Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall. It was a humid Wednesday afternoon, just after 12:30 p.m. They had rehearsed with the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra for three and a half hours. That evening, they would rehearse again. They were tired, they were hungry — yet they loved what they were doing.

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Third Coast finds music in ‘strange and wonderful things’

Anyone who’s ever wanted to play John Cage’s “Quartet” using only cowbells but lacks the necessary instrumental skill is in luck: There’s an app for that.

Third Coast Percussion helped develop two free apps for the iPhone and iPad that let audiences delve into the limitless world of percussion. The first is called “Third Coast Percussion: John Cage Quartet,” which offers 14 percussion instruments that can be played along with John Cage’s seminal work for four percussionists. There’s also the option to record custom sounds.

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