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Katie Keenan, 13, is a guest actor in Chautauqua Theater Company’s New Play Workshop Signature Staged Reading , Everything Is Ours. Photo by Lauren Rock.

13-year-old Chautauquan lands guest actor role in CTC’s New Play Workshop ‘Everything Is Ours’

When asked if she wanted to be an actress when she grows up, 13-year-old Katie Keenan said, “Yes, definitely.” It was said not in the way of a precocious preteen who has in her head in the clouds, but in the way of someone with solid assurance of her path in life.

“She is a professional,” said Sarah Clare Corporandy, managing director of Chautauqua Theater Company. “She is very astute … and will surprise you on stage with her intelligence. Her soul is a theater person.”

Katie, a fourth-generation Chautauquan, portrays 10-year-old Elsie in this weekend’s New Play Workshop’s Signature Staged Reading, Everything is Ours. The play’s last performance is 2:15 p.m. Saturday in Bratton Theater.

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CTC’s Didion embraces challenge of breathing life into new character

The script’s character description for Alice in Everything Is Ours says, “She wants.”

Conservatory actor Kelsey Didion “wants” to play Alice to the best of her ability in the one week she has to cultivate her character.

“Alice is searching for the thing that will make her feel like she has purpose,” Didion said. “She has a lot to give … she wants so much to be needed and to be useful.”

Alice is but one complex character in Everything Is Ours, the first Signature Staged Reading in Chautauqua Theater Company’s New Play Workshop, which shows at 4 p.m. today and 2:15 p.m. Saturday in Bratton Theater.

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From left, Lisa Joyce (Sara), Kat Keenan (Elsie) and Kelsey Didion (Alice) rehearse for “Everything is Ours” Wednesday afternoon at Brawdy Theater Studios. The New Play Workshop, written by Nikole Beckwith and directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, opens tonight at Bratton Theater. Photo by Michelle Kanaar.

‘Everything is Ours’ opens tonight as first installment of CTC’s New Play Workshop

Nikole Beckwith decided to write the play she would most want to be in, so she concocted her first work, Everything is Ours, a surreal yet startlingly realistic comedy.

“It was a lot of things that I was thinking about at the time — the relationship of being a woman and how defined that is or is not by having children. Nature v. nurture,” Beckwith said.

Her play is the first Signature Staged Reading at the New Play Workshop put together by Chautauqua Theater Company this season. Everything is Ours opens tonight at 8 p.m. and runs through July 14 at Bratton Theater. The Brown Bag discussing the play is at 12:15 p.m. today in Bratton Theater featuring the playwright, director and cast.

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Design fellows help realize ‘Everything is Ours’ through technical aspects

While professionals in the theater industry design Chautauqua Theater Company’s three full productions, four up-and-coming designers create the set, costumes, sound and lighting of the New Play Workshop’s Signature Staged Readings.

The two readings feature debuts of new plays in the form of miniature productions so the playwright can see his or her piece on stage for the first time. Instead of full-scale designs, the four design fellows of CTC present a smaller-budget sketch of what a full production would entail.

The first reading, Everything is Ours by Nikole Beckwith and directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, premieres at 8 p.m. Thursday in Bratton Theater and runs through July 14.

The play follows a couple’s alienation after financial success and how a small girl and a domesticated couple do and do not change their haphazard life.

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Carolyn Holding and Max Roll rehearse for The Philadelphia Story at the Brawdy Theater Studios Wednesday afternoon. Holding is playing the role of Tracy Lord and Roll is playing the role of Mike Connor. The Philadelphia Story opens Saturday, June 30. Michelle Kanaar | Staff Photographer

Chautauqua Theater Company season features lady leads

It’s a season of leading ladies on- and offstage for Chautauqua Theater Company.

The plays showcase strong females such as Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story and Rosalind in As You Like It. But offstage, CTC touts blond and vivacious Vivienne Benesch in her first year as the sole artistic director.

“All of the characters central to these plays are really going through a moment where their understanding of who they are within themselves and within their community is on a precipice,” Benesch said. “That is a really interesting current. Being witness to that is exciting theater.”

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