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The Rev. Joel Hunter delivers his sermon, titled “Searching for Complements.” Hunter is senior pastor at Northland, A Church Distributed, in Central Florida, and Week Nine chaplain-in-residence. Photo by Lauren Rock.

Hunter: ‘We need to find people who irritate us, who won’t always agree with us’

“It was my first day at the insane asylum. I was just 25, and I was working on my doctorate and signed up for a year of clinical pastoral education,” began The Rev. Joel Hunter, Week Nine chaplain at Chautauqua.

Hunter is the senior pastor at Northland, A Church Distributed, in Central Florida. His title was “Searching for Complements,” and his text was Genesis 2:15, 18-23.

“It was in Indianapolis and a place for the criminally insane. It was all ancient brick and it felt like every Alfred Hitchcock movie I had ever watched. I was overwhelmed. As I went looking for the administration building, I passed a parade of attendants leading some of the patients.

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Rabbi Rami Shapiro speaks on water from a Jewish perspective Wednesday in the Hall of Philosophy. Photo by Michelle Kanaar.

Shapiro: Water moistens the soul, reawakens us as conscious beings

Two guides for human relationships and responsibilities toward the earth can be found in Genesis: One is good and organic, the other is dangerous, Rabbi Rami Shapiro said.

On Wednesday, Shapiro continued with the Interfaith Lecture Week Four theme “Water: Life Force/Life Source” with a discussion of the human consciousness, attitudes toward the environment and the Jewish ritual of mikveh in a lecture titled, “The Way of the Mikveh: Water and the Reclaiming of Consciousness.”

Shapiro is the director of Wisdom House, a center for interfaith dialogue and practice in Nashville, Tenn. He is also an adjunct professor at the Middle Tennessee State University. He writes a column in Spirituality & Health magazine called “Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler.”

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‘Nature is soulful and capable of praise’

The opening verses of Genesis are clearly the hits of Scripture.

“People who decide to read the whole Bible make it that far. Even those who are not familiar with Scripture can say one sentence. God said it, it was so, and it was good. It is so easy to get it wrong. We think we already know it, or we learn it second-hand. Scripture always comes out neater or simpler than it really is, like math without fractions,” said the Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor at the Monday morning 9:15 a.m. Devotional Hour. Her text was Genesis 1:1-10, and her title was “In the Beginning was the Water.”

“I always thought that humans got one full day of creation. God got up after a good night and on a good morning made humans. If you read the text carefully, we are tucked in at the end of day six, after the cows and creeping things. God ran out of horns, and fur and antenna and only had opposable thumbs left,” she said. “God did not say it was good after every verse. In verses two and seven God did not say it at all, and in verses three and six it is said twice.”

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