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Gordon S. Wood takes questions after delivering Monday’s morning lecture in the Amphitheater. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

Wood: Go back to the Revolution to understand the Civil War

Answering the question of why the South seceded is not a major historical conundrum, historian Gordon S. Wood said in his lecture at 10:45 a.m. Monday in the Amphitheater. The more difficult question, he said, is why the North cared.

“Why was the North willing to go to war to preserve the Union?” Wood asked to begin his lecture.

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Wood discusses Civil War’s Revolutionary origins

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Civil War tore apart North and South. For Gordon S. Wood, an author and lifelong scholar of the American Revolution, it had been a long time coming.

He will be the first speaker for this week’s theme of “The Path to the Civil War,” and at 10:45 a.m. today in the Amphitheater, he will lecture on “The Revolutionary Origins of the Civil War.”

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