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Chalker: ‘We can be a sanctuary wherever we are’

There can be perks for a long ministry in one place. For the Rev. Kenneth Chalker, one of the perks this year was to say a prayer at the beginning of the gospel concert during induction week at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“For some people, it can’t come soon enough, and for others, it can’t be over too soon. During the week, there are educational classes on contemporary music, seminars and concerts that lead up to the induction ceremony,” he said. His sermon title was “Stuck in a Hallway,” and the scripture was John 15:5;14-17.

“This year, Kirk Franklin was going to perform at the gospel concert. When they called and asked me to pray before the concert, I thought about three seconds and said yes. Two of the perks were a backstage pass and a seat in Row 8, center,” he said.

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