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Fareed Zakaria, host of “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on CNN and editor-at-large for Time, introduces Chautauqua’s week of lectures on Pakistan Monday morning in the Amphitheater. Photo by Adam Birkan.

Zakaria: Choice to modernize Pakistan must be Pakistanis’

Violence caused by jihads is a relatively new problem, but many people associate it with Islam as a whole.

People first thought the cause of the Sept. 11 attacks had to do with Islam, a religion that has been around since the seventh century.

Despite beliefs that the religion is the cause of some violence, countries such as Indonesia and India are peaceful and democratic societies, said Fareed Zakaria, editor-at-large of Time magazine and CNN host, during Monday’s morning lecture.

Zakaria was the first speaker of Week Five, themed “Pakistan: Straddling the Boundary Between Asia and the Middle East.” He informed the audience about the history of Westernization in the Arab world and Pakistan’s deeply rooted religious nationalism.

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Photo by Lauren Rock.

Raman: Appreciate gifts delivered from earth

As a physicist and a Hindu, Varadaraja V. Raman bridges the chasm between science and religion. His understanding of both schools — and his obligation to each — gives him a multi-faceted approach to reflecting on water and understanding the water crisis of our time.

On Tuesday in the Hall of Philosophy, Raman continued the Week Four theme of “Water: Life Force/Life Source” as he reflected on the wonder and power of water from both a scientific and religious standpoint, in a lecture titled “Reflections on the Multiple Facets of Water.”

Raman is an emeritus professor of physics and humanities at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His work is devoted to melding the worlds of science and faith; he is a senior fellow at the Metanexus Institute in New York City and a fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion in Cambridge, U.K. He has written many articles and books, including Truth and Tension in Science and Religion and Variety in Religion and Science: Daily Reflections.

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Hindu physicist shares importance of water to religion, science

Varadaraja V. Raman is a rare breed: He’s a physicist who believes in God.

Raman understands the language of beats, frequency and waves, but he can’t quite explain the feeling he gets when he listens to a song he loves. He knows the physical process of life and death, but he questions the meaning of love, passion, heartache and pleasure.

Science and religion are among the loftiest expressions of the human spirit, he said, with great tensions but also similar truths between the two. One major, tangible similarity is water — physically and symbolically.

Raman will discuss the role of water in science and his own religion, Hinduism, at 2 p.m. today in the Hall of Philosophy.

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