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Joo & Igudesman

Irreverent reverence from classical comedy duo tonight in the Amp

“Do you know Pisa?” asked violinist Aleksey Igudesman. “There’s the Leaning Tower. The funny thing is, not just the tower is leaning in Pisa. Even the stage we were on, in a beautiful theater — it was leaning so much I had vertigo, because I thought I was going to fall down.”

“I have walked on some stages and been very frightened, yes,” agreed Hyung-ki Joo, pianist and the other half of the classical music comedy duo performing their show, “A Little Nightmare Music,” at 8:15 p.m. tonight in the Amphitheater.

“I’ve been frightened of the stage, because it swooped down into this black pit,” Joo said, making arm motions as if to keep himself from falling.

It is easy not to have stage fright doing what they do, because what they do is unique, hilarious, smart and offers the revelation that comedy, classical music, popular culture and celebrity make a surprising and fantastic mix.

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