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John Bryson Chane, retired Episcopal bishop of Washington, lectures in the Hall of Philosophy Wednesday afternoon. Chane questioned if Jesus should be considered a radical figure, and if then, by association, the Christian church a radical church. Photo by Eric Shea.

Chane discusses a radical Jesus, radicalism in Christianity

“Was Jesus a radical?” Bishop John Bryson Chane asked the Hall of Philosophy audience during the 2 p.m. Interfaith Lecture.

On Wednesday, Chane continued Week Eight’s theme of “Radicalism: Burden or Blessing?” with a lecture titled “Radicalism… A Passion for The Possible in the 21st Century.” The title comes from the title of a book written by William Sloane Coffin, a Christian theologian, Chane said. In his lecture, Chane discussed the meaning of the word “radical,” whether Jesus was a radical, and whether the Christian church of today is or is not a radical church.

Chane was consecrated the eighth Bishop of Washington and was CEO of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. He is also an active participant and proponent of interfaith dialogue and a graduate of Yale Divinity School. Before attending Yale, Chane was a student at Boston University where he was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society.

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Chane embraces ‘radical’ label while building interfaith bridges

From rock ‘n’ roll artist to student activist to eighth Episcopal bishop of Washington D.C., the Rt. Rev. John Bryson Chane is used to having “radical” attached to his name.

Chane will discuss what it means to be a radical — theologically and in his own journey — at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Hall of Philosophy. He said he will look at the term from various perspectives, because he thinks it is often misused.

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