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Shifting demographics key to understanding modern Turkey, scholar Rubin says

Michael Rubin was excited. He had just returned from meeting with key Kurdish political officials in a mountain redoubt in northern Iraq, adding fresh perspectives to his ongoing pursuit of understanding Turkey, the Middle East and the future of U.S. interests in the region.

Rubin, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, will open Week Eight’s exploration of “Turkey: Model for the Middle East?” at 10:45 a.m. today in the Amphitheater.

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The Chautauqua Utility District wastewater treatment plant processes household waste by spinning it across rotating hubs whose belts are lined with micro organisms and bacteria which actually break down and decompose the waste material. (1)

Changes loom for the CUD ahead of Tuesday vote

From noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Colonnade, property owners on the grounds will have the chance to vote in an election which will affect the future course of their sewer and water services.

Property owners last cast their ballots back in August 2000, voting to upgrade the water plant behind the Colonnade that purifies Chautauqua Institution’s drinking water. That measure carried, with more than 95 percent of voters approving the upgrade. [w/ SLIDESHOW]

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After 32 years, returning to a ‘timeless’ Chautauqua

After some sand toys and art supplies suitable for a 6-year-old were cleared off the wicker rocker, Alan Clendenning settled comfortably into the cushions and relaxed. Clendenning, 50, the Associated Press bureau chief for Spain and Portugal, was back at Chautauqua Institution after a 32-year absence. The career journalist and foreign correspondent had spent many boyhood summers on the grounds in a family home on Peck Avenue, and memories of that time still burn brightly. Clendenning and his siblings chose Chautauqua for a family reunion this year, renting property in the same Peck Avenue neighborhood.

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Sandy Gelnaw sails with her dog, Austin. (2)

With a paddle: Lake enthusiasts take to water in support of CLA, which faces funding cuts in 2014

The declining health of Chautauqua Lake has received more attention recently, as government reports detail the deterioration of the lake quality and physical manifestations of the lake’s ill state continue to appear more frequently.

For Chautauquans, a leading cause for concern is the blue-green algae infestations at the Institution’s four beaches; public health concerns about the algae have caused Chautauqua’s recreation officials to close the beaches for periods of time in early August for the past several years. [w/ SLIDESHOW]

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“Filaments” become “prominences” when they rotate over the rim of the sun, and can be seen against the background of space. This image shows a dramatic “arc” prominence.

The sun, moon and stars — from a Chautauqua backyard

There is a steady stream of passersby and bicyclists along the street in front of Ted Wolfe’s Chautauqua porch. A wave or greeting occasionally punctuates our conversation. Thoroughly relaxed in his familiar wicker chair, Wolfe, 77, is a man clearly comfortable in his own skin. He channels a bit of James Stewart with his laconic style. Retired for nearly 20 years from a successful corporate career as a marketing executive and board member, he has been able to indulge a number of passions, including astrophotography. Introduced to the region when he joined Welch’s corporate offices in Westfield, N.Y., Wolfe held Chautauqua dear, even as his career moved him elsewhere. He has photographed the sun many times from his Chautauqua backyard.

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Department of first impressions: Welcome staff balances mission with rules

Charlene Henning, Chautauqua Institution’s director of ticketing and gate operations, stopped mid-sentence, a sparkle in her eye. [w/ SLIDESHOW]

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At the movies: Schmidt continues family tradition at Chautauqua Cinema

Just three days earlier, the Lincoln scholar had entertained an audience of thousands. Now, Catherine Clinton stood before an audience of perhaps 150 in the Chautauqua Cinema, presiding over a Q-and-A session following the cinema’s presentation of the 2012 blockbuster film “Lincoln.” [w/ SLIDESHOW]

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