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Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerRyan Kiblin, grounds, gardens and landscaping manager for Chautauqua Institution, addresses those in attendance at the Trustees Porch Discussion at the Hultquist Center on July 17. Kiblin discussed the Institution’s stormwater management efforts aimed at protecting Chautauqua Lake.

Shedd, Kiblin inform community of lake health efforts

In the 1960s, children swimming in Chautauqua Lake really had only one thing to complain about: the muddy bottom. Today, due to nutrient runoff and other environmental concerns, children are sometimes prohibited from swimming in the lake at all.

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A bat is measured and weighed in order to determine its body mass index during a 2010 study at Chautauqua. Daily file photo.

In making plans for Amp, Chautauqua goes to bat for bats

High above the platform for world-renowned lecturers, resounding symphonies and graceful ballets, two men — armed with a device that looks like an old-fashioned transistor radio — investigate a dark, sweltering area of the Amphitheater few people aside from stagehands ever see.

A musty scent lingers in the dusty air, and the worn, wooden floor is wrought with holes that could send someone through with one miscalculated step. Light peeks in through the holes, revealing a small glimpse of the programs below, a stage for more than a century of Chautauqua tradition.

John Shedd, Chautauqua’s administrator of architecture and land use regulations and capital projects manager, is joined by John Hermanson, a professor of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.

They are on a hunt. Their target: bats.

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Architectural and Land Use Study Group to present new, clarified regulations

Chautauqua’s grounds are at the same time historic and contemporary, the houses cut from the same cloth and incredibly diverse, the emphasis both on maintaining the integrity of the buildings and the environment. Is the Institution more a museum or a village? Should it reflect the 19th-century vision of the founders or the 21st-century minds of current Chautauquans?

Those difficult issues confronted the Architectural and Land Use Study Group, formed last season to look at the current regulations, whose work is coming to a conclusion at the end of this year.

On Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. in Smith Wilkes Hall, the group will present their current work reviewing and reconsidering the regulations and take questions from the community.

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Institution performs balancing act while helping the environment

Chautauqua Institution is following what’s happening in new environmental solutions so it can be a leader in implementing them, said John Shedd, administrator of architecture and land use regulations and capital projects manager.

At Wednesday’s weekly discussion on the Hultquist Center porch, Institution leaders spoke to members of the community about the topic “Environmental Leadership” and the steps their departments are taking to reduce the Institution’s impact on the environment.

First, Jack Voelker, general manager of the Chautauqua Golf Club, spoke about the efforts Chautauquans might not know the golf club is taking to be more environmentally friendly.

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Board of trustees’ open meeting informs on land use, Amp, Street View

Chautauqua Institution’s Board of Trustees held its first open meeting of the season Saturday.

At the morning meeting led by Chairman George Snyder, members of the board updated Chautauquans on current and future projects and gave them a chance to voice concerns and ask questions.

After the updates, the floor was opened up to questions and comments. Dan Pieroni, 6 Ames, voiced his concerns about safety on the grounds during the winter, when Chautauqua is not a gated community.

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