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Laura Park, Judy and Hale Oliver.
Photo by Eric Shea.

Through scholarships, Chautauquans make opportunities for young artists

Of all 293 students at Chautauqua, 222 receive the support of scholarships from people who see boundless potential in a young artist, who want the arts to continue providing viable careers for people for generations, and who thrive off of the heart they uncover in every art form. In total, that means Chautauqua awards $610,000 of scholarship money to talented young students this year.

Laura Park, a violin student sponsored by Hale and Judy Oliver of Pittsburgh, appreciates the Chautauqua community’s warm embrace.

“I feel that the scholarship that was sponsored by Hale and Judy is extremely important, because it gave me an opportunity to study here — an opportunity that I might not have been able to have,” Park said.

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Photo by Lauren Rock.

Park’s hard work lands her second appearance on ‘From the Top’

Laura Park, a prized violinist and pupil of Almita and Roland Vamos, is quickly rising in recognition every time she performs on stage.

Last week’s solo at the Music School Festival Orchestra concert put Park’s dazzling elegance and talent on full display.

“I thought her performance was the epitome of what I would like to hear in the Shostakovich concerto,” Almita said. “All the musicians I spoke to thought the performance was so intelligent, so tasteful.”

“In the moment, I wasn’t nervous,” Park said. “I was relaxed and ready to perform.”

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School of Music students featured on NPR classical music program

Some of the best and brightest musicians from the School of Music and around the United States will be on display for Chautauquans and a national radio audience at 8:15 p.m. tonight in the Amphitheater.

The NPR show “From the Top,” hosted by acclaimed pianist Christopher O’Riley, will conduct a live taping of the program. School of Music violin students Laura Park and Alexandra Switala are among those performing on stage tonight.

The program is broadcasted on almost 250 stations to more than 700,000 listeners each week, and it pairs blossoming musicians with O’Riley for duets and teaching sessions.

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2011 SAI Competition winner Park headlines second MSFO concert

Practice makes perfect, but only if you are committed to it.

“I didn’t like it because it was a chore,” violinist Laura Park said.

During the transition from eighth to ninth grade, Park found herself disconnecting from the instrument she had held since she was 5.

Though Park would practice violin for five hours a day, she often entertained daydreams about a different practice.

“I would say, ‘Oh mom, I want to be a lawyer,’ ” she said. “But then I found out about performing with an orchestra on stage as a soloist. Doing that — I never had as much fun ever in my life.”

Now, Park will be the main focus from 8:15 p.m. tonight in the Amphitheater. She will take the stage with the Music School Festival Orchestra, led by conductor, mentor and friend Timothy Muffitt.

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Park wins annual Sigma Alpha Iota Concerto Competition

Leah Rankin | Staff Writer Violinist Laura Park is this year’s winner of the Sigma Alpha Iota Concerto Competition, and at age 17, she pretty much has her life figured out. “The only thing I can see myself doing is music,” she said. Park grew up in the Chicago area and started playing the violin […]

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