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Michelle Kanaar | File Photo

Symphony’s 2013 Season marked by threes

Three may be the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra’s magic number this summer.

The CSO 2013 season features three world premieres: The Romeo and Juliet Project, a collaborative extravaganza featuring Chautauqua’s best in dance, theater and voice; Laurence Roman’s “Concertino for Flute and Orchestra,” featuring Richard Sherman, CSO principal flutist; and Michael Colina’s “Three Dances for Cello and Orchestra,” in which Jaime Laredo will conduct cellist Sharon Robinson, his wife.

There are also three evenings of anniversary performances. This year marks the 100th birthday of Benjamin Britten and Pyotr Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring,” as well as the 200th birthdays of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner. CSO will honor each of these composers throughout the season.

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Guest conductor Noam Zur, making his North American debut, leads the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra through its final performance Tuesday evening in the Amphitheater. In 2013, the CSO will play its third summer under the batons of guest conductors as a search begins for a permanent music director. Photo by Eric Shea.

CSO looks forward to third season of guest conductors

This was the second season without the presence of a music director for the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, but based on the performances from the orchestra and the feedback from its audience, the absence is hardly noticeable.

While it is a challenge for the orchestra to perform under a new conductor almost every single concert — with the exception of a handful of conductors who joined the CSO for two performances — the orchestra has risen to the occasion.

“It keeps them on the edge of their seat, keeps things charged, keeps things interesting, and the majority of the orchestra likes that — they like that challenge,” said Marty Merkley, Institution vice president and director of programming.

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