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Chautauquan remembered for philanthropy, friendships and baseball

A group of Chautauquans will pay tribute to a friend by celebrating two things he loved: professional baseball and thoughtful discussion with friends.

The organizers of the “5th Annual Joe Rait Memorial: Chautauqua to Jamestown Excursion” said the event is the perfect convergence of passion for professional baseball and engaging in meaningful social discourse.

This year’s memorial will be a departure from the previous year’s events. The group will not attend a baseball game, but rather a discussion with former Detroit Tigers slugger Willie Horton.

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As substitute umpire, ‘Daily’ reporter experiences collegial nature of Chautauqua softball league

As long as some form of baseball or softball has been around, people have complained about umpires.

“What are you, blind?”

“You’re missing a great game, blue!”

“Get some thicker glasses, you idiot!”

Those are just a few of the pleasantries I’ve heard baseball fans yell throughout my 20 years of watching the sport.

So, naturally, when Mark Altschuler, commissioner of the Chautauqua slow-pitch softball league, asked me to umpire a few games, I jumped at the opportunity.

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