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Martín Espada reads some of his poetry on Saturday, June 16, at the Pier Building. The event was part of the pre-season Chautauqua Writers’ Festival. Adam Birkan  | Staff Photographer

Ninth annual Chautauqua Writers’ Festival ends poetically

“If you can’t get inspired by listening to Martín Espada, then you’re dead inside,” said Tracie Morell, an amateur poet who used her green scarf to wipe away the cascading tears behind her black-framed glasses.

Morell was one of the many Chautauqua Writers’ Festival participants at last Saturday’s reading, headlined by award-winning poet Martín Espada and renowned writer Natalia Rachel Singer. The event was held at the Pier Building, and it signified the conclusion of the festival’s four-day workshop series.

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