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Meg Wolitzer, New York Times bestselling author, talks with Roger Rosenblatt at the Ampitheater on Wednesday. Photo by Adam Birkan.

Wolitzer discusses women in writing, humor advice

Audience members erupted into laughter time and time again as Meg Wolitzer and Roger Rosenblatt exchanged witty remarks during Wednesday’s morning lecture.

The humor and wit seeded throughout the conversation demonstrated Wolitzer’s philosophy on its use in novels.

“Humor in a novel has to exist the way humor in a conversation exists,” she said. “It comes out of character.”

Between the jokes and laughter, Rosenblatt and Wolitzer discussed female authors, decisions writers make and character development in novels.

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The torturous, wonderful life of the fiction writer

There are a few things I’d like to say about writing fiction, a subject I’ve been thinking obsessively about for as long as I can remember. I’ve been asked to keep this to under a thousand words, and I promise to do so. My essay will be like one of those abridged classic novels––those versions that children sometimes read: “All happy families are alike. But Anna Karenina’s family was different. They had some problems. Look out, Anna, here comes a train! The end.”

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Young Readers confront morality in ‘Fingertips’

What happens when your greatest gift means you can cheat with impunity?

That is the dilemma facing the young protagonist in Meg Wolitzer’s The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman. The 2011 book is the Young Readers Program’s first selection for the season. Wolitzer will appear at 4:15 p.m. today in the Alumni Hall Garden Room to discuss her book.

“I like the way I could incorporate ideas of very low-level fantasy in the book with issues of morality,” the author said.

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Wolitzer, Rosenblatt to discuss writing, wit

“There is great truth to be found in fiction,” author Meg Wolitzer said. “Writers really need to make the case for that.”

Wolitzer will join friend and fellow author Roger Rosenblatt at 10:45 a.m. today in the Amphitheater as part of Week One’s literary arts theme. This is the third time Rosenblatt has hosted such a week at Chautauqua.

“You never know what’s going to happen when you go speak somewhere,” Wolitzer said. “Anything could happen.”

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Lear, Rosenblatt kick off week of literary celebration

Roger Rosenblatt is running out of friends.

Joined by his colleagues and confidants at 10:45 a.m. each weekday in the Amphitheater, Rosenblatt will lead discussions on the literary arts ranging from cartoons to television to children’s literature. This is his third year playing the role of host — the series began in 2008 and recurred in 2010. And because each week requires a minimum of five friends, he joked that his resources are wearing thin.

“I also wanted to make sure that everyone in the group was older than me,” Rosenblatt said, “but that’s getting more and more difficult.”

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Another engaging summer planned for CLSC Young Readers

It’s time to crack open a book, turn a page and witness a refreshing dawn for the 2012 CLSC Young Readers program.

Young Readers, entering its 19th year, is under the new leadership of Teresa Adams, assistant director of the Department of Education and Youth Services and director of Special Studies. The program is designed for children ages 10-14.

“We want to give them the overall experience of the characters in the book,” she said.

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