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Michael Ferris Jr. “Allen” and “Steve.” Reused wood, pigmented grout.
Photo by Lauren Rock.

‘Anonymous’ exhibition provides new insights on subject, viewer of portraits

Portraits are everywhere: George Washington’s profile on the quarter, Greek and Roman statues, the Mona Lisa, wedding photographs, death masks on sarcophagi.

Portraits immortalize. But though they seem to be common, a different side to them emerges in Strohl Art Center this week in “Anonymous: The Contemporary Portrait.”

From 3–5 p.m. today in Strohl is the opening reception for “Anonymous,” a collection of everything that is a portrait without being, in fact, a portrait. Curator and VACI Galleries Director Judy Barie was inspired by Christian Faur, who creates art with thousands of hand-cast crayons, which resolves into images only at a distance.

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