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Morning breaks over the Miller Bell Tower. Photo by Greg Funka.

Chautauqua pays homage to Miller Bell Tower and the man whose name it bears

The Miller Bell Tower presides over the lake as a Chautauqua icon and has done much in its singular way to represent and promote the Institution — just as did the man it memorializes. Dedicated on Aug. 1, 1911, the Tower will enjoy a 100-year anniversary celebration at 4 p.m. today at the water’s edge, at the tower’s base.

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Three times a day, Chautauquans hear the melodies of the 100-year-old Miller Bell Tower, played by Carolyn Benton, who is in the midst of her 10th season as chimemaster. Benton’s passion for the tower refreshes each time a child inquires to play a note and visitors poke their heads in to ask questions about the history. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Benton said. “It never gets old.” Photo by Greg Funka.

Ringing in a centennial

“I fell in love with Chautauqua’s Miller Bell Tower at the age of 5,” Carolyn Benton said.

Now in her 10th year as the bell tower’s chimemaster, Benton gushes enthusiastically about many things, but especially about Chautauqua’s most prominent symbol.

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Model Miller Bell Towers on display inside Smith Memorial Library. Photo by Demetrius Freeman.

100 mini bell towers celebrate anniversary

News flash! On Sunday, the Miller Bell Tower will be auctioned 100 times! W-H-O-A, not to worry. It’s not the red brick tower, whose bells awaken Chautauquans and welcome visitors every morning, but 100 Miller Bell Tower 12-inch models designed and decorated by 100 Chautauquans.

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