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For Mystic Heart in Week Nine, Khalsa to teach meditation as healing

In the months following 9/11, Subagh Singh Khalsa entered an intense period of meditation. During that time, he used the healing meditations he had long practiced not with the intention of healing one individual, but with a new impulse to bring healing to the many in the world that were suffering.

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Norton and Smith to teach Sufi meditation

Hazrat Inayat Khan, the first Sufi teacher to the West, taught that true religion to a Sufi is the sea of truth and that all the different faith traditions are its waves. For a spiritual seeker like Sharifa Norton and Muinuddin Smith, Sufism is the best meditation tradition they could have wound up in.

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Kubickas draw happiness, awareness from meditation

What do people need to do to become more aware and compassionate? Well, rolling out of bed and heading to the Main Gate Welcome Center for a meditation session would be a good start.

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Khalsa helps Mystic Heart participants find ‘moral compass’

Yogi Bhajan, Subagh Singh Khalsa’s spiritual teacher, once told him that the sign of a spiritual person is that he or she always knows what to do.

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Breen leads Mystic Heart in Week Three

Compassion has followed Lena Breen throughout her career. As Week Three’s Mystic Heart meditation leader, she will focus on practicing and teaching Mettā — or loving-kindness — meditation.

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Week One Mystic Heart leader Lukasik links the mind and body to the universe

“The mind is the forerunner of all things.”

Paul Lukasik was studying this proverb when he was invited to lead the Mystic Heart Program during Week One — which, he soon found out, would cover “Our Elegant Universe.”

“What great timing,” Lukasik thought to himself. “What created the universe? Nothing other than the mind.”

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O’Sullivan to lead Mystic Heart in Zen Buddhist tradition

Michael O’Sullivan stumbled into Zen Buddhism through a sprained ankle. While he was in a New York City emergency room having his twisted joint tended to, a doctor discovered that O’Sullivan had high blood pressure. When the doctor left the room to write a prescription, the attending nurse turned to O’Sullivan and said “Don’t take the medicine, learn how to meditate.”

O’Sullivan will lead the Mystic Heart Program during Week Nine. He will lead the daily morning meditation sessions and the semiweekly afternoon seminars on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He said it will be his fourth time facilitating the Mystic Heart Program.

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Mystic Heart Program to focus on finding wisdom through Sufi meditation techniques

The word “Sufi” is derived from the word “sofia,” which means wisdom. The practice and tradition of Sufism is about developing a deeper knowledge and understanding about life.

“It’s actually about finding the wisdom in life and everyday life, not just off in a cage,” Sharifa Felicia Norton said.

During Week Seven, Norton and her husband, Muinuddin Charles Smith, a professor, will return to Chautauqua to lead the Mystic Heart Program in the meditation traditions of Sufism. They will lead the daily morning meditation sessions and also the semi-weekly afternoon seminars Tuesday and Thursday. The afternoon seminars will focus on the Week Seven religion theme, “Creating Cultures of Honor and Integrity.”

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