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New Clergy Program takes advantage of Chautauqua’s unique resources

An NFL commissioner and about a dozen newly-ordained clergy may not appear to have much in common. But Chautauqua’s New Clergy fellows found that they faced many of the same issues as Commissioner Roger Goodell when they had the chance to chat with him during his visit to Chautauqua a few years ago.

Surprisingly, both new clergy and NFL commissioners face similar challenges in dealing with people, especially young people. The fellows proceeded to have a conversation with Goodell — the type of singular conversation that could only occur at Chautauqua.

“Well, of course they all go back and say, ‘We spent two hours talking to Roger Goodell, and he’s got the same problems we’ve got!’ ” said Rev. Albert Pennybacker, director of the New Clergy program. “It’s that kind of opportunity that Chautauqua, in the larger sense, provides for all of us, because we hear and encounter people we’d never hear otherwise.”

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