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Spring 2014 WQED documentary to showcase four music students’ talent

Four students from Chautauqua Institution’s Schools of Fine and Performing Arts will take their talents from the Amphitheater to the small screen next spring as features of a documentary produced by WQED-TV, Pittsburgh’s PBS affiliate.

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Stilian Kirov guest conducts the Music School Festival Orchestra during its July 23 performance with the Chautauqua Festival Dancers 
in the Amphitheater. Photo by Michelle Kanaar.

Former conducting fellow Kirov works to bring classical music to the masses

“The musicians need to come down from the stage and communicate with the people,” said Stilian Kirov, Seattle Symphony assistant conductor. “They need to share what inspires them and what they want to say through their music, dance and performances.”

But 2010 David Effron Conducting Fellow Kirov, who conducted last week’s Music School Festival Orchestra dance-inspired concert, hopes to break through the perception that classical music is just for high society.

Three hundred years ago, classical music was for the affluent. Shortly after, it became the people’s music. People would gather together and play chamber music or have parties with some folk tunes, which composers later on would take and make into symphonies.

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Arie Lipsky, chamber music chair, coaches his chamber music ensemble in preparation for its Sunday performance at McKnight Hall. Photo by Eric Shea.

In School of Music first, chamber music enters second phase

Entering the 2012 chamber music recital series’ second phase, Oliver Dow, School of Music managing director, looks to do something that has not been done during his 17 years at Chautauqua.

The experimental second phase, which starts with a doubleheader from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday in Fletcher Music Hall, and 4 to 5:30 p.m. in McKnight Hall, lasts for eight days.

In previous years, the School of Music’s seven-week season was broken down to four weeks of the Music School Festival Orchestra, two chamber music weeks, and one orchestral week. Now, MSFO goes for four weeks, eight days for chamber music, and two orchestral weeks.

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New crop of students promise spark for School of Music in 2012

This summer marks another season of brilliant and determined musical talents, set on honing their skills, coming together to build relationships for now and the future.

The transition from a world away to Chautauqua can be difficult for the 149 School of Music students who hail from various parts of the globe and bring with them different gifts and levels of mastery.

But there are remedies for that.

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