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Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith speaks on the “exclusive trade union” between U.S. presidents at Thursday’s morning lecture in the Amphitheater. Photo by Lauren Rock.

Smith offers insight into post-term lives of presidents

In the waning days of his presidency, a 70-year-old Dwight D. Eisenhower fled Washington with his wife, Mamie, to their farm in Gettysburg. He was facing the impending reality of life after the Oval Office, a time marked by uncertainty.

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith offered a peek behind the curtain at those private lives during Thursday’s morning lecture, titled “Hail and Farewell: An Exclusive Trade Union.” Smith’s talk was the penultimate lecture for Week Nine, themed “The Presidents Club.”

“Ike faced the conundrum of a retirement for which there was no retirement policy,” Smith said. “To guide him, Eisenhower had only his own instincts and the often dispiriting examples of those who had gone before.”

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The Summer Strummers. Submitted photo.

Summer Strummers spread summer cheer with folk sing-along

On the front lawn of the Catholic House, five musicians in red vests begin playing an old folk tune as patrons sit on the porch, peering down. Two mandolin players and a 12-string guitarist line up across the front of the group, with a young girl behind them on violin next to an older gentleman on the double bass.

A cartoon sign to the group’s left says it all: “You’re listenin’ to the Summer Strummers!”

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2012 lectures to bring returning guests, new inspiration to Amp

Chautauqua’s 2011 Season brought a multitude of speakers, ideas and experiences to the Amphitheater. Authors and historians shared the stage with spies, health workers and economists. Some lecturers made “A Case for the Arts,” while others focused on “The Path to the Civil War.”

Next summer, audiences have the chance to see nine weeks of new talks, each day an opportunity to learn, to grow and to be inspired. The 2012 Chautauqua morning lecture series kicks off on June 25 with a guest who’s no stranger to the Amp — writer Roger Rosenblatt.

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A patron cycles at the Turner Community Center. Photo by Megan Tan.

In the off-season, Turner keeps focus on the community

Every morning, Chautauqua Health and Fitness manager Andy Freay heads to the Turner Community Center to open up shop. Both the pool and the fitness center, which boasts a large selection of treadmills, free weights and strength training equipment, open at 7 a.m. every day of the week.

The facility has to open that early, Freay said, because of the morning rush it sees, made up of Amphitheater patrons exercising before the 10:45 a.m. lecture. Then, around 3:30 p.m. or 4 p.m., more exercisers flood Turner for an after-work gym trip.

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Ed Ayers

Ayers to speak on viewing Civil War with new eyes

Chances are most Chautauquans learned about the Civil War in a traditional classroom setting, with textbooks and lectures and written homework. In 1993, as the Internet was beginning to take off, Ed Ayers began a digital history project, The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War, that offered a new vehicle for a continued education.

Projects like these utilize modern technology to engage in the Civil War with a fresh perspective, Ayers said.

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Toni Douglass, of Boardman, Ohio, exercises at the Fitness Center at Heinz Beach on Monday morning. The center offers equipment for cardio and strength training and is open six days each week. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

Hidden fitness gem at Heinz Beach offers quiet alternative to Turner

Down on the waterfront of Chautauqua Lake, directly next to Seaver Gymnasium, sits the Youth Activities Center. If you’ve been around Chautauqua for long enough, you know that. What you might not know is what lies just beneath the ping pong table, the video games and the grilled burgers of the YAC — the modest workout facility at Heinz Beach.

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Kathryn Ford presents Sports Club director Richard Ulasewicz with a mounted 48-inch, 28-lb. muskellunge for display in the Sports Club. Ford’s father caught the fish on Chautauqua Lake in 1962. Photo by Eve Edelheit.

Old fishing memorabilia brings new life to Sports Club

In August 1962, Kathryn Ford set sail on Chautauqua Lake with her parents. Cruising in the family’s mahogany Chris-Craft, her father caught a 48-inch, 28-lb. muskellunge with a Silver Flash lure. Instead of keeping and eating the fish, Ford’s father had it stuffed and mounted in Jamestown.

“I don’t remember her fighting very much. She was an old fish,” Ford said. “She was too old to eat.”

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Darlyne Johnston, left, Jana Stone, Doreen Claflin and Sally Holland finish their putts on the Hill Course 17th hole at the Chautauqua Golf Club during the final round of the 2011 Women’s Golf Association championship Tuesday. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

Women’s golf championship ends season on a high note

Last Tuesday afternoon, players in the Chautauqua Women’s Golf Association slowly trickled off the lush, green Hill Course to reassemble for pizza, drinks and a tallying of scores. It was the end of their annual championship at the Chautauqua Golf Club. The ladies sat around at tables in the clubhouse as workers sifted through scorecards and counted strokes.

After everything was computed, golfer Barb Blanchard took home the honors as 2011 champion, with a combined score of 182 of both rounds.

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