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In Chautauqua, Gottfrieds find a ‘treasure chest,’ a perfect place to spend retirement

Ellen and Bob Gottfried are going to be retiring soon, and it’s not because they’ll be turning 65 — it’s because they want to be able to spend their summers enjoying Chautauqua Institution.

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Ludwig, Welch make their own luck with Chautauqua Summers

What can be said about someone who first started buying lottery tickets hoping to buy a place at Chautauqua with her winnings but now has made plans in her will for establishing an endowment fund for the future of Chautauqua? For Jeannette Ludwig, a dream has indeed come true, but planning and persistence made it happen for her and her husband, Claude Welch.

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Renjilian, Baggiano discuss sustainability at porch discussion

Keeping Chautauqua Institution affordable for visitors while maintaining its facilities and programming is a financial challenge.

Tim Renjilian, a member of the Institution’s board of trustees, and Sebastian Baggiano, Institution treasurer and vice president for finance and community services, discussed bringing more people to the grounds, maintaining affordable prices and philanthropy to improve the sustainability of the Institution during Wednesday’s Trustee Porch Discussion on the Hultquist Center porch.

The board’s challenge is to preserve the Institution’s environment in terms of programming, facilities and affordability, Renjilian said. To ensure that, the board must look at revenues, expenses and capital.

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Gathered around the display table on the porch at 18 Center, the APYA coordinators hold their knitting projects in front of the knitting group leaders. Left to right: Nikhat Dharani, Muslim coordinator; Susan McKee, founder of woman4women-knitting4peace; Emily Perper, Christian coordinator; Michael Harvey, Jewish coordinator; Kate Simmons, leader of Tuesday workshops; and Safi Haider, Muslim coordinator, wearing one of the Abrahamic Peace Shawls to be featured in the Sunday Sacred Song Service. Photo by Lauren Rock.

20,000 items in, knitting group spreads peace worldwide

Knitting scarves, shawls, caps or dolls for women and children in need and learning to cultivate the skills of the craft is the role women4women-knitting4peace is ready to fill.

A casual gathering workshop is held at 4:30 p.m. every Tuesday in the first floor parlor of Hurlbut Church. Knitting is taught by Kate Simmons and questions about knitting are answered. Simmons said beginners learn in small circle groups.

“Chautauqua is a great place to knit, “ Simmons said.

Founded six years ago by Susan McKee, with inspiration from Sr. Joan Chittister and women from Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam in Israel, the organization is dedicated to crafting hope, healing and peace one stitch at a time, through nonviolent, compassionate action.

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President of VACI Partners Jack McKibbin stands with scholarship recipient Erika Mcllnay. Mcllnay is a sculptor attending Texas A&M for graduate school. Her scholarship was given in memory of McKibbin’s late wife Roberta McKibbin. Photo by Lauren Rock.

McKibbins’ support helps art student to immerse herself in her work

For many artists, studying at the Chautauqua School of Art is a unique and incredible opportunity to create a body of work, to connect with other students and teachers, to hone in on their true artistic form or to experiment with a new direction. And for many students, generous gifts and endowed scholarships make an otherwise out-of-reach experience possible.

For Erika McIlnay, a graduate student in sculpture at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, coming to Chautauqua gives her the time to try incorporating new media into her work.

“I found that here, I’ve had time to think about where my work is going, and I’ve shifted quite a bit since,” she said. “Having the time to actually think and work has been great — and the opportunity to be in this environment.”

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Chautauqua Fund Chairs Yvonne and Jack McCredie speak with Tina Downey, annual fund director, following the Fund’s kickoff breakfast earlier this season in the Athenaeum. Photo by Lauren Rock.

Chautauqua Fund chairs sound call to action

Chautauqua Fund Chairs Jack and Yvonne McCredie wish that all Chautauquans were aware of the fallacy of three of the Institution’s greatest myths. And no, they are not referring to Thomas Edison, former presidents of the United States or the size of the bat population.

The myths that the McCredies refer to seem far more credible but are equally false: that the sale of gate tickets covers all of Chautauqua’s operational costs, that only the largest gifts impact the Foundation and that only the oldest generation is responsible for the financial future of the Institution.

In fact, the McCredies disagree adamantly with the three statements and are on a mission this summer to correct the misconceptions. As annual fund chairs, they prepare more than 100 volunteers for dispelling the myths as they promote the fund on the grounds.

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For Webb, Chautauqua not only a ‘buffet’ of choices, but a good investment, too

“I’m a Chautauquan, through and through,” Jo-An Webb said. Sitting on the porch of Alumni Hall, Webb detailed how she spent her past 40 years at Chautauqua, as well as her plans for the future. Webb has made an impact on Chautauqua through her active involvement in organizations across the grounds over several decades, and […]

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Hagen-Wensley Guest House

A place to rest their heads

After almost a year of construction, trucks are lining the foot of Bowman Avenue for the last time as Rachel Mazza Borzilleri hurries across the porch of the new Hagen-Wensley Guest House, making last-minute adjustments.

Borzilleri, the hostess of the Hagen-Wensley, welcomed the house’s first guests Saturday, reigniting a tradition of integrating speakers and guests into Chautauqua’s daily fabric.

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