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For Parlatos, nurturing diversity at core of motivation for support

Husband and wife Richard and Mary Lou Parlato believe that Chautauqua Institution honors the history and traditions upon which the United States was originally founded in a way completely unlike any other place.

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Devlin Geroski | staff writerJAY AND JOYCE NESBIT

Personal growth leads Nesbits to support Chautauqua

Though Jay and Joyce Nesbit had known of Chautauqua for quite a while through some of Jay’s friends, the couple didn’t travel to the Institution from their home in Cleveland until 2004. But when they did, they fell in love with the place.

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Devlin Geroski | Staff writerKAREN AND JIM DAKIN

For Dakins, maintaining Chautauqua like tending a garden

Karen and Jim Dakin are gardeners. Because the husband and wife self-tend their personal Eden of daylilies, hostas, roses, irises, peonies and daisies, they understand the huge commitment of time, love and resources that goes into maintaining a unique and beautiful ecosystem.

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Benjamin Hoste | Staff PhotographerSusan Scott, of 12 Pratt, with her cat Abbey in front of her home.

‘Summer camp’ Chautauqua, volunteering renew Scott’s spirit

When Susan B. Scott leaves Clearwater, Fla., and heads to Chautauqua Institution for the summer, her grandchildren affectionately say, “Grandma’s going off to camp!” And to hear Scott speak with excitement about the activities she’s involved with on the grounds, the comparison makes sense.

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Sorensen honors Chautauqua as extended family

Ben Sorensen is a man of service. Whether it’s service to Chautauqua Institution, to America, to God or to his family, he believes he has an obligation to put his time and talents to good use.

“I don’t sleep a whole lot,” Sorensen said. “I love that I have a chance to be in the world, to live in it and make a difference.”

And he tries to maximize the difference he makes by focusing on several areas of expertise.

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John Jureller and Mary Giegengack Jureller.
Photo by Michelle Kanaar.

Jurellers’ support for Chautauqua grounded in interfaith programming

Like so many vacationers, John Jureller and Mary Giegengack Jureller expected their trip in the summer of 1992 to result in relaxation, with entertainment and quaint sights and, maybe, if they were lucky enough to stumble upon a decent place, church on Sunday morning. But the Jurellers were going to Chautauqua.

“You can’t often find a vacation place where you can expect to have your spiritual life nourished and expanded. Mostly you go searching about for a church that’s tolerable,” Mary said. “We found the Sunday morning ecumenical service here just wonderfully enriching.”

Since finding Chautauqua much better than “tolerable” — both spiritually and in other regards — the Jurellers of Syracuse, N.Y., have returned for another 20 seasons.

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The Maddy family. Submitted photo.

For Maddy family, Chautauqua is ‘a little piece of heaven on earth’

Not many can say they still have their gate pass from the Chautauqua Assembly in 1883.

The Maddy family, however, retains its great-grandmother’s ticket from Chautauqua that year, ringing in at a whopping $4. Back then, a photo was attached to each ticket to identify the holder, and Katherine Hartman smiles faintly under a large flowered hat on the ticket the Maddy brothers still have.

Richard and Anna Mary, who died in 2006 and 2011 respectively, arranged for a bequest that created the Anna Mary and Richard M. Maddy Music Scholarship Fund, which will fully fund one student in the School of Music each year in perpetuity, beginning in 2013.

“I think we’re all delighted that Mom and Dad decided to make a lasting contribution to the Institution through the establishment of the scholarship,” Peter said. “And that lasting gift is now part of our family’s history with Chautauqua.”

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Sigo and Jean Falk with Amy Pikler. Photo by Lauren Rock.

Through scholarships to arts students, Falks help keep music in the mix

It’s no secret — though the outside world may think classical music is dying, those on the grounds know it is alive and well at Chautauqua.

The Falk family certainly believes so. Each year, the Falk Scholarship Fund supports one of the many students studying the arts at Chautauqua. This year, the scholarship was awarded to Amy Pikler, a violist in the School of Music.

“I had heard about the program through other people who have gone here,” she said. “I was looking for a program that provided merit scholarships for music study, and Chautauqua offered that.”

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