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Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences and Thursday’s morning lecturer, answers general science questions from attendees of the 7th Annual Eleanor B. Daugherty Society Recognition Luncheon at the Athenaeum Hotel Thursday afternoon. Photo by Lauren Rock.

Daugherty Society members delve into the mind of Cicerone at recognition lunch

Members of the Eleanor B. Daugherty Society had the treat of interviewing one of modern science’s best, Ralph J. Cicerone, during dessert at the 7th Annual Eleanor B. Daugherty Society Recognition Luncheon last Thursday at the Athenaeum Hotel.

Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Science and chair of the National Research Council, answered the queries of the 140 society members present and touched on topics as varied as autism, global warming, science education and genetically modified foods.

Cicerone commended the members present for their philanthropic endeavors and acknowledged the importance of their gifts.

“Something I’ve learned is what an American tradition philanthropy is. Philanthropy has been alive and well in the U.S. for some time,” Cicerone said. “I have enormous respect for what you have done and are doing here.”

Geof Follansbee, CEO of the Chautauqua Foundation and Institution vice president, similarly expressed his appreciation.

“Great endowment is built through deferred gifts,” Follansbee said.

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Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, joined retired “PBS NewsHour” anchor Jim Lehrer for an onstage discussion Thursday morning in the Amphitheater. Photo by Eric Shea.

Cicerone stresses importance of science to sustain world’s population

Rather than worrying about whether the country would exist after the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln and the United States Congress made the effort to provide for the country’s future.

During the war, Lincoln and Congress signed the Morrill Act, which created all the country’s public universities and the National Academy of Sciences, said Ralph Cicerone, current president of the academy.

“Even in tough times, you’ve got to be thinking ahead,” Cicerone said. “Show some ambition and get on with it.”

Cicerone and retired “PBS NewsHour” anchor Jim Lehrer had a conversation about the lack of goals and ambition and about science’s role in society during Thursday’s morning lecture as part of Week Two’s theme, “The Lehrer Report: What Voters Need to Know.”

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Acclaimed climate expert Cicerone joins Lehrer on Amp stage

Imagine it’s early 2001. The new George W. Bush administration is in office, with rumors circulating about its skepticism of global warming in particular and science in general. You get a call from the National Academy of Sciences. They want you to chair a study on the state of climate change. The White House is asking for the study, and they want a report in four weeks.

Ralph J. Cicerone got that call. NAS president since 2005, Cicerone is this morning’s lecturer as the Jim Lehrer-moderated examination of “What Voters Need to Know” continues.

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