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Provided photoChautauqua Theater Company staffers perform artistic associate Sarah Hartmann’s radio play “Frankenstein” July 23 at Bratton Theater.

Hartmann, WRFA use radio to drum up excitement for theater

Part of Sarah Hartmann’s job as artistic associate for the Chautauqua Theater Company is to make sure that the company lives on after each season. Luckily, she’s managed to find a way to preserve live theater.

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Roxana Pop | Staff PhotographerAndrew Borba, director of Chautauqua Theater Company’s The Comedy of Errors, speaks with the CTC sound technicians during rehearsal Aug. 7 at Bratton Theater.

For love of the Bard: ‘Comedy’ director Borba’s theatrical interest steeped in Shakespeare

Renowned literary critic Harold Bloom has a deep appreciation of William Shakespeare, identifying the playwright as the inventor of human personality in his book, Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human.

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Bird Elephant China

Lovejoy brings a personal tale to CTC’s Chau-Talk-One

While gearing up for the recently closed Broadway play Lucky Guy, actor Deirdre Lovejoy sat in the house during technical rehearsals writing a script for her new one-woman show.

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Provided photo  
Chautauqua Theater Company managing director Sarah Clare Corporandy, New Play Workshop financial supporter Roe Green and CTC artistic director Vivienne Benesch pose in Bratton Theater following a performance of Kait Kerrigan’s new play “Transit,” which ran Thursday through Saturday.

Green’s contribution helps CTC’s New Play Workshops expand and mature

The New Play Workshop at Chautauqua Institution has evolved in recent years so that it’s no longer an addition to the Chautauqua Theater Company’s programming, but one of CTC’s central and consistent operations.

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Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerRomeo (North Carolina Dance Theatre dancer Frederick (Pete) Leo Walker II) and Tybalt (NCDT dancer Naseeb Culpepper) partake in a swordfight after Tybalt killed Mercutio during Saturday’s inter-arts performance of The Romeo & Juliet Project in the Amphitheater.

REVIEW — ‘A Triumph of vision’: Organizers, performers pull off ambitious venture with skill and flair

Saturday night a capacity crowd filled an Amphitheater brimming with anticipation for one of the summer’s key artistic events: an original inter-arts collaboration among Chautauqua’s major performing arts organizations exploring and presenting a brand-new composite version of Romeo and Juliet, conceived and directed with flair and skill by the Chautauqua Theater Company’s Vivienne Benesch. Despite some rain, busy performance schedules all around and the challenges of rehearsing and coordinating in such a busy venue a project involving 150 artists in the pit and onstage, the evening proved a triumph of vision and organization. The other Institutional artistic entities involved were the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, Chautauqua Dance program and North Carolina Dance Theatre, Chautauqua Opera Company, the Chautauqua School of Music and — materializing up near the United Nations flag for a sexy entr’acte of Duke Ellington’s “Star Crossed Lovers,” with Scott Hartman the persuasive trombone soloist — a jazz ensemble from the Music School Festival Orchestra. Where else but Chautauqua could such a feat have been attempted, let alone brought off? Even The Juilliard School (to which many of the artists involved have ties) has neither the institutional structure nor an appropriate venue for preparing and presenting such an ambitious, large-scale venture.

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WATCH: Inside ‘Romeo & Juliet’ — Vivienne Benesch

Performers talk about director Vivienne Benesch, and then Benesch herself discusses the preparations for The Romeo & Juliet Project’s Saturday premier.


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Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerCrew members prepare the scenery and lights for The Romeo & Juliet Project in the Amphitheater during the early morning hours Thursday.

For Both are Infinite: Chautauqua’s ‘Romeo & Juliet Project’ makes world premiere

Will the real Romeo and Juliet please stand up?
In addition to the three pairs of star-crossed lovers, The Romeo & Juliet Project will also feature three Tybalts, two Mercutios, two Capulets and so on, as this season’s intense buzz about the Bard comes to fruition at 8:15 p.m. Saturday in the Amphitheater.

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