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Fein stands with eight of his “White Flags” in an “umbrella installation” in front of the Post Office Building on Aug. 3. Fein joined his wife, Aug. 2 morning lecturer and Slate senior editor Dahlia Lithwick, with their two children on the family’s second trip to Chautauqua. Photo by Lauren Rock.

‘White Flags’ installation illustrates common cloth

After Sept. 11, Aaron Fein watched as cars sported American flag bumper stickers and patriotism swelled in response to the tragedy. During the next 10 years, he watched their colors slowly fade under the influence of time and nature.

“Everybody puts up a flag thinking that it’s a symbol that doesn’t ever change,” Fein said last Friday, standing on Bestor Plaza under a structure that resembled a rotary airer hanging out eight large white sheets.

The project, “White Flags,” contains 193 flags, one for every member of the United Nations. Sewing each together, and using a digital embroidery machine for the complicated flags, took him almost 10 years. He turns the Portugal flag into the sun so the intricate embroidery catches the light to show two young girls who have entered under his umbrella-like structure.

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