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Writers-in-residence to lead writing connections with culture, silver screen

Week Five writers-in-residence Jim Daniels and Kashmira Sheth will offer writers at all levels insight on making connections among different cultures and art forms.

Sheth, who grew up in Mumbai, will talk about India’s struggles during her week at the Chautauqua Writers’ Center. She said India and Pakistan, the focus of Week Five’s morning and afternoon lectures, hold many similarities.

For Daniels’ weeklong workshop, “Writing and Art: Shared Inspiration,” he will lead participants to the art galleries on the grounds to see what inspires writing.

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Writers-in-residence to make the most out of writing and reading

Week Four brings Patricia Jabbeh Wesley and Joe Kita to the Writers’ Center as writers-in-residence, and their topics will heal — mentally, anyway.

Poet-in-residence Jabbeh Wesley, an associate professor of English and creative writing at Pennsylvania State University Altoona, will begin the week with a “Poetry and Healing” workshop.

“The workshop is a creative writing class in which writers will write poetry that helps them explore past feelings of hurt, pain or trauma in a way that writing about these become a powerful healing instrument,” Jabbeh Wesley said.

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Returning writers use Chautauqua to funnel inspiration

Ann Hood and James Armstrong, the Writers’ Center writers-in-residence for Week Two, return to kickstart Chautauquans into summer by incorporating setting into prose and news into poetry.

Both writers will begin the week with readings of their work at 3:30 p.m. Sunday on the Alumni Hall porch.

“They are able to plug into Chautauqua more quickly than someone who hasn’t been here,” said Clara Silverstein, director of the Writers’ Center. “I think they both seem to really understand what Chautauqua’s all about.”

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Writers lead workshops on historical fiction, new poetry

Civil War buffs will relish Pat Carr’s workshop this week on writing a Civil War novel, and poets looking for new work will find it with Nancy Krygowski’s fresh prompts.

It is the first visit for both writers-in-residence, and they will read selections from their work at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall.

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Week Eight workshops to offer tips for readers and writers

The Writers’ Center will host a unique workshop for poetry readers rather than writers this week, and a children’s author will teach how to activate prose’s senses.

The writers-in-residence Philip Brady and Donna Jo Napoli will read from their work at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall.

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Week Seven workshops focus on writing in sequence, writing on self

The Writers’ Center this week will welcome a husband-wife poetry team and an ace in autobiography.

To kick off their week of residence and workshops, poet Mihaela Moscaliuc and prose writer Marion Roach-Smith will read selections from work at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the Literary Arts Center at Alumni Hall.

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Week Six writers-in-residence tap into memory, conflict

Laura Kasischke and Joe Jackson are looking to increase the intensity of writing this week at the Writers’ Center. Drawing from old memories, obsessions, strife and conflict, they will push writers to turn up the heat on their poetry and prose.

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Kristin Kovacic

Writer-in-residence questions online parenting

A mother of two teens and a lifelong reader, this week’s writer-in-residence has seen big changes in the way we write about babies.

From tweets to blog posts, parenting has become byte-sized. But, Kristin Kovacic asked, is the literature any better?

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