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Sandel: Equality is the key to the common good

Smoking is popular in the Czech Republic. When the Czech government considered raising the tax on those cigarettes — the very ones that kill thousands of people each year — major cigarette corporation Philip Morris was very unhappy. Philip Morris presented a cost-benefit analysis on the effects of raising the tax on the national budget.

Kids see, touch and taste nature in new ‘sensory garden’

For Children’s School administrators, a major goal for several years has been to incorporate more outdoor learning for the kids who attend the program. This year, after five years of planning, designing and building, their goal has finally been reached. The final product: the new “sensory garden” in the backyard of the Children’s School, which allows children to experience nature in a whole new way.

Purcell: In difficult, baffling times, remember where we have been

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Bill Purcell remembers the first debate he experienced in 1986 as a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. “Mr. Speaker, I rise to observe that the snack bar, which has for so long stood in the area outside this great chamber, has been removed, and I now call upon you, sir, to explain, ‘Where is our snack bar?’” a senior member of the legislature said as he stood.
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Leach: Respect is key to social discourse, common good

Former U.S. Rep. Jim Leach said that in order for the government to strive for the common good, politicians and the country as a whole must learn to respect others enough to see through their eyes. “If we don’t try to understand and to respect others, how can we expect them to respect us, our values and our way of life?” Leach said.

‘That kind of night’

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When guest conductor Jorge Mester mounted the stage of the Amphitheater for Saturday’s season-opening concert, he immediately turned away from the orchestra to conduct the audience in a sing-along of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Smiling broadly and snapping his stick, Mester radiated purposeful delight.

APYA brings genuine dialogue, genuine friendship

“Unless you educate the young people, you will not succeed,” said featured speaker Eboo Patel to representatives of Chautauqua Institution at The Ismaili Centre in London in fall 2005. Patel lauded Chautauqua Institution for its dedication to promoting interfaith education and teaching about the relationships found within the Abrahamic tradition and particularly about Islam.

Forman: Haitian recovery difficult but not impossible

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Johanna Mendelson Forman began her lecture on Thursday with a chilling scenario. “If you can imagine a whole city … that is filled with tents, and you’re sleeping alone, and maybe you don’t even have a full tent around you; you don’t even have four walls, but you have blankets or quilts, sometimes blue plastic sheeting that’s given out by humanitarian agencies. There’s no electricity and no lights, so it’s dark,” she said. “And suddenly you hear a rustling, and then you hear the sound of the knife cutting through the sheeting. And before you can scream, a man, or a group of men — often they come in gangs — crashes through the opening. They grab you. They push you down. They rape you. And often, all of this is done in front of your children.”

Thurman: Health diplomacy must overcome religious and cultural barriers

Tuesday’s lecturer Sandra Thurman, president and CEO of the International AIDS Trust, quoted Martin Luther King Jr. to convey her views on global health diplomacy: “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” The International AIDS Trust is a non-governmental organization that focuses resources to aid the worldwide battle against AIDS. The organization must overcome cultural and religious barriers abroad to take preventative action.
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