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Design fellows juggle tasks for 3 productions during NPW Festival

Three plays opening, running and closing over the course of two weeks was the task that Chautauqua Theater Company’s design fellows found themselves dealing with from July 21 to 31. They served as head designers for the three new plays in CTC’s New Play Workshop Festival.

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Guest actor James Badge Dale (Josh Darbin) and conservatory actor Charlie Thurston (Andrew Levitt) perform in Molly Smith Metzler’s “Carve.” Photo by Mark Anderson.

Kimes joins CTC, playwright Metzler at final ‘World Onstage’

The idea of intellectual property will be the topic of discussion at Chautauqua Theater Company’s “The World Onstage: How Creative Property is Carved Out” at 12:45 p.m. Saturday at the Brawdy Theater Studios. This event, which is the last of the three “The World Onstage” events, will focus on playwright Molly Smith Metzler’s “Carve,” which also is the last of the three plays to be performed in the New Play Workshop Festival.

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A scene from Michael Mitnick’s “Elijah,” which will be staged at 8 p.m. tonight in Bratton Theater. Photo by Demetrius Freeman.

CTC Brown Bag showcases playwrights’ rewriting process

Most of the time, audiences flock to theaters to see a finished production of a play. In the case of the Chautauqua Theater Company’s 2011 New Play Workshop Festival, however, audiences are flocking to see works in progress.

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Rabbi Samuel Stahl provides background for the New Play Workshop “Elijah” during “The World Onstage” event hosted by Chautauqua Theater Company this weekend. The second “World Onstage” event, which focuses on Michael Golamco’s “Build,” takes place at 12:45 p.m. today at Brawdy Theater Studios. Photo by Ellie Haugsby.

NPW event clarifies video game language

Terms like codebase, FTP, digital wall and level design will be defined for guests today at the second event in the New Play Workshop Festival series “The World Onstage.” Today’s event will focus on the second new play in the festival, Michael Golamco’s “Build,” and is titled “The World Onstage: The Building Blocks of Gaming.”

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Supplemental event gives ‘Elijah’ more context

Theater can often focus on issues that audience members confront in their own lives, whether it be love, religion or even education. The three new plays in Chautauqua Theater Company’s 2011 New Play Workshop Festival provide such connections, and in an effort to dig even deeper, CTC has established a supplemental series called “The World Onstage.”

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Michael Mitnick

Mitnick’s unintentional play ‘Elijah’ opens NPW Festival

Playwright Michael Mitnick sat down at his kitchen table late one evening in September 2009 to experiment with a few pages of a play he intended to use as his senior thesis. He finished the next morning with the entire first act of what would later become “Elijah” and would earn him a place in Chautauqua Theater Company’s 2011 New Play Workshop Festival.

The play opens at 8 p.m. tonight in Bratton Theater as the first of three new plays making their debut in this season’s festival.

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2010 Chautauqua Theater Company Conservatory actors rehearse their roles for the second 2010 New Play Workshop, Anna Ziegler’s “An Incident.” Daily file photo.

New Play Workshop Festival events pack next 2 weeks

Along with performing finished Anton Chekhov and William Shakespeare productions, Chautauqua Theater Company keeps busy taking an active role in new play development. This will be evident beginning July 21 with the start of the New Play Workshop Festival.

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