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Children work with guns in a photo taken by internationally renowned photojournalist Reza. Submitted photo.

Through his photography, Reza ‘shakes the hearts of people’

When he was a child, Reza watched as a bedraggled, barefoot boy of 8 or 9 years — his own age — was refused entrance to a school. With tears in his eyes, the boy said, “They won’t let me come in. I just want to see what a school is like.”

The world-famous photographer said 50 years later that this event was what first sparked his interest in pictures. With an image, he said, he could more easily explain what he had seen.

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Popular pachyderm provided plenty of parochial parables

Although Chautauqua offered the same draw 50 years ago that it did today — education, religion, arts and recreation — many Chautauquans in 1956 found themselves making the trek to Mayville, N.Y., to see an unusual attraction — a circus elephant.

The elephant’s name was Lena, and for more than six months, she provided entertainment to Mayville and Jamestown residents and Chautauquans alike.

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Nancy Hahn holds a dress featuring Purple Frog, one of the characters she created. Submitted photo.

Lifelong Chautauquan creates products to promote trade, help Ethiopian children

When Nancy Hahn and Bol Malual stood together in a large white house on Elm Lane, their minds were not in Chautauqua — rather, they had been transported far away by the scents of Ethiopia.

Hahn had achieved her aim with a perfume she created using Ethiopian flowers and extracts when Malual, a Lost Boy of Sudan who presented at Chautauqua earlier this season, smelled the perfume and said, “This is Africa!”

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Daniel Walker Howe

Howe to address 19th-century advances leading up to Civil War

The Pony Express, the telegraph, steamboats and railroads — although most would call these things innovations that moved forward America’s history, today’s speaker will discuss how these advances served as a catalyst for the onset of the Civil War.

Daniel Walker Howe, author, historian and professor emeritus, will present “The Secession Crisis” at 10:45 a.m. today in the Amphitheater as the fourth speaker in the week exploring “The Path to the Civil War.”

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David Sington

Filmmaker Sington brings scientific approach to documentaries

When David Sington found himself fascinated by the movements of womens’ crew teams at the University of Cambridge, he responded in a way that would shape the rest of his life — he made a documentary.

“You can make a film about anything. Absolutely anything,” said Sington, filmmaker and founder of DOX Productions. “I think the world is just more interesting through the lens of a camera.”

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Photo 6 | Reza

‘One World, One Tribe’

Just yards from the Hall of Philosophy, a young girl with tousled curls and a maroon-colored robe sits huddled on a stark gray rock. Her father has died in a war, and her last family connection — her home — has been destroyed in a bomb raid.

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Robin Wright

Veteran journalist Wright gives primer to week on Iran

When Robin Wright traveled to Iran on Oct. 6, 1973, on assignment for The Christian Science Monitor, she didn’t know a war was about to begin.

“That was also the day the fourth Middle East War broke out, and I’ve been covering the Middle East since then,” she said.

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CPOA meeting covers effects of CLCS property tax cap, Shared Spaces

Representatives from the Chautauqua Lake Central School District spoke to the Chautauqua Property Owners Association on July 16 about the dangers a property tax cap could cause the district.

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