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Photo | Eve Edelheit Susan Nusbaum and Ron VanBlargan pose for a portrait in their home.

Love of opera informs Nusbaum, VanBlargan’s Chautauqua tale

Ron VanBlargan and Susan Nusbaum have a truly great Chautauqua story.

While many couples have married or met on the grounds, VanBlargan and Nusbaum can claim both. With strong memories that span several stages of both of their lives, VanBlargan created his own legacy, naming Chautauqua as a beneficiary in his will.

VanBlargan and Nusbaum’s romance was sparked by an Opera Guild cast party in 2003. VanBlargan served on the Opera Guild board, while Nusbaum was an incoming member; the two were assigned to plan the cast party.

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