Gallery: Porch Sitting in the Grounds


Porches on the grounds are one of the greatest representations of what Chautauqua stands for. Chautauqua is centered on concepts of inclusion, the celebration of community and family, and the four pillars of arts, education, recreation and religion. Porches are home to reading the paper in morning, watching children learn to ride a bike, family dinners or simply discussing the happenings of the day over a glass of wine. Porches are the threshold that connects those you came with and those who pass by on the street. Only in Chautauqua will you be walking to the morning lecture and hear the distant sound of someone practicing their accordion on a porch. Nearly every house has a porch to provide a place to soak in the essence of Chautauqua. Porch culture not only reflects the values of Chautauqua, but keeps them flourishing.

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Sarah Holm

The author Sarah Holm