Alumni Association of the CLSC offers new ways to stay in touch

The Alumni Association of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle has a few updated ways for its members to stay connected during the off-season.

One of the biggest changes for the organization was the revamping of its website, Lydia Strohl redesigned the website, according to Cate Whitcomb, who serves as executive secretary for the Alumni Association.

Whitcomb said it’s been a while since the website has had “such a thorough and well-done revision,” and she’s excited about the result.

The newly redesigned website features a photo gallery of CLSC banners and information on volunteering for Alumni Association members, as well as a “class news” section for various graduating classes.

One volunteer opportunity for next year is the chance to host a Chautauqua County high school student during the 2018 season. Eight students from local high schools visit the grounds during the season for a week at a time as part of the Alumni Association of the CLSC’s Writing Scholarship Program.

Dick Karslake, president of the Alumni Association of the CLSC, said members interested in serving as a host family should contact Carol Collins, who is in charge of coordinating the efforts.

Whitcomb said the website will also host a newsletter, meant to keep members informed about goings-on and volunteer opportunities in the off-season, which is forthcoming. Peg Snyder is heading the newsletter committee.

In addition to the website, the Alumni Association also has a new Facebook page. Whitcomb said she’s working on a Twitter handle for the organization as well.

Readers can also update their CLSC book lists on their own time during the off-season, thanks to the new website. Readers had to update their lists at the CLSC Veranda in the past, but the new website, introduced this year, allows CLSC members to register and manage the CLSC books they’ve read. CLSC members can still update their lists by mailing or emailing them to the Veranda.

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