CBGC Clubbers Compete in Annual Track & Field Day


Asthe clouds parted and the sun peeked through, Groupers took off at light speed to capture new records at the 2019 Boys’ and Girls’ Club Track and Field Day Thursday, July 18. Starting at Club’s soccer field, Groupers from Groups 4-8, as well as those in the Senior Athletic Club, gathered to warm up and take off for a 50-yard dash. But that was only the tip of the iceberg, with more activities to come as the day progressed.

After the end of the 50-yard dash, the distance was expanded, first to 100 yards, then to 220 and ending out at a final 440-yard dash. Groupers refused to lose enthusiasm, however, with chants, whoops of encouragement and music floating around the runners as they ran for the finish. Simultaneously, other events were taking place above the hill around the baseball field and basketball courts. Concentration was the name of the game in field events, with Groupers going for distance in discus, softball and baseball throws and a basketball shoot-out, with a shot-put throw happening at Club’s volleyball course.

Even younger Groupers in Groups 1-3 were included in their own series of events around the back of Beeson Youth Center. Participating in relays and a water balloon catch, nobody was left out of the fun. Closing the day of competition, everyone gathered to watch the most anticipated event: the staff relay. A classic send-off for Track and Field Day, Club staffers participated in a high-energy relay race on the soccer field. After all events were finished, the air of competition melted away, but the fun remained with swimming and continued activities.

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