A passion for Pickleball: Chautauquans flock to newly constructed courts at Chautauqua Tennis Center

Photos by Jess Kszos

  • Jean Dragon and Matt Dembrow move to return the ball to Chuck Messing and Lynn Wightman during a game of Pickleball Thursday. The Pickleball courts, which were made possible with support from Ron and Rosie Kilpatrick, the Reeve family and other donors, were installed this season at the Chautauqua Tennis Center.
  • Chautauquans gather outside the fence to watch the action on the courts.
  • Dembrow returns the ball during a game of pickleball Thursday. In Pickleball, points are scored by the serving team. When the ball is served, the receiving team must let it bounce before hitting their return, and then the serving team must let it bounce before returning. After two bounces a rally can begin where the ball may be returned before it has bounced.
  • Chautauquans fill the courts during Open Pickleball Thursday afternoon.
  • Wightman serves from the baseline. In Pickleball, the serve must me made underhand.
  • People place their paddles in a row to say they want to play next.

The author Jess Kszos

Jess Kszos is an undergraduate photojournalism student at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is interested in photographing the stories of the community around her. Two years ago she started at Cobb’s Hill Park in Rochester, New York, to photograph people she did not know, and now she is a freelancer best known among the basketball community in Rochester. Her father, Joe Kszos, was born and raised in Chautauqua County, while her mother, Lynn Kszos, studied Chautauqua Lake while completing her Master’s Degree at SUNY Fredonia, and Jess is excited to be closer to her roots at Chautauqua.