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Transformer failure leaves Chautauqua in the dark

Chautauqua Institution lost electric power throughout the grounds just before 3 p.m. Thursday on a sweltering and humid afternoon. A transformer at the local National Grid substation failed, and power was not restored until 6 a.m. Friday. George Murphy, vice president and chief marketing officer, described the scene on the second floor of the Colonnade after initial word reached President Thomas Becker’s office that the blackout might last for 24 hours.

Carnival Crews

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July 21 was what some might call a “scorcher,” with temperatures approaching the 90s even before 11 a.m. That didn’t stop campers and counselors from heading down to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club annual carnival and enjoying the scene.

Chautauqua’s first monochromatic art show to open in Strohl gallery

A blue streak of artwork will take over the Strohl Art Center for the next five weeks. “Out of the Blue,” which will have its opening reception from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. today in the Strohl Art Center, features work from eight artists in all different shades of blue. Judy Barie, director of galleries and curator of the show, said this will be Chautauqua’s first monochromatic-themed show.

Landesman: The arts build better communities

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When Rocco Landesman was young, his uncle would give his brother and him $5 for every F they got in school. His uncle, after all, went on to found a personal management company, its motto being, “We take the sting out of success and put the fun back in failure!”

Full of character

Magic flutes, valkyries, rampant consumption — some themes in opera can be hard to relate to, and not just for the audience. Singers, like actors, perform best when they can lose themselves in a character — when they can find that common thread that connects them with their role. But how do you find something in common with a 13th-century family in Florence?

A twist on tradition: Staggs brings Bonhoeffer to life

Nazi resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer spent his final hour before his execution in the Hall of Philosophy. Clad in a makeshift striped prison uniform, the Rev. Al Staggs portrayed Bonhoeffer at the Interfaith Lecture at 2 p.m. Friday in his presentation, “A View from the Underside: The Legacy of One of the Spies for God, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.”

Mystic Heart co-founder Subagh to lead Week Four meditation

It’s cool outside and probably cloudy, since the sun is still deciding whether to make an appearance this morning. You blink several times, shove your gate pass blindly in the direction of a sleepy attendant and wheel your bike through the Main Gate. You enter the Welcome Center, glimpsing a simple black-and-white sign guiding you toward your destination. You open the door. A blast of heat. You take a seat with 20 other Chautauquans of all ages. You breathe deep and begin.

The Athenaeum’s Delta Force

The Athenaeum Hotel general manager kept calling, but Michele “Mickey” Murray wouldn’t return his calls. This went on for several weeks in 1993, the GM calling, Murray suspecting he wanted to offer her a job at the Institution. For her, having a summer vacation that year was more important.

Led by Holy Spirit, Campolo stays young

If there are traits that the Rev. Tony Campolo embodies, they are enthusiasm, energy and joy in taking action, so I was surprised that he and his wife Peggy had moved into a retirement community. “Yes,” he said, “I did move into a retirement community, but you should not retire. I was with some UCLA students. They were so cynical. I said to them, ‘I am 76, and you are 23, and I am younger than you. You are as young as your dreams and old as your cynicism. I am still dreaming.”

Dorrien: Ransom helped foster confidence in black consciousness

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When the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell calls the afternoon Interfaith lecturer “one of the best lecturers of our time,” you had better pay attention. The aforementioned lecturer was Gary Dorrien, Episcopal priest, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and professor of religion at Columbia University. Dorrien has published a dozen books and more than 100 articles.

The lure of Chautauqua Lake

Fishing. It has inspired some great minds, such as Washington Irving: “There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.”
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Music and nature counselors earn Week One award

Amidst the chaos of lunchtime at the Youth Activities Center, two Boys’ and Girls’ Club counselors stood out as recipients of the prestigious “Counselors of the Week” award. Emily Horak, a nature counselor from Jamestown, N.Y., and Kurt Wissing, a music counselor from Buffalo, N.Y., were Week One’s winners.
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