Chautauqua Property Owners Association Moves Picnic to Accommodate David McCullough Talk

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The Chautauqua Property Owners Association has officially hosted area picnics for seven years.

For its eighth, there will be one major difference.

“This year, it’s on a Thursday,” said Carrie Zachry, who is organizing area picnics this year. “I know traditions die hard at Chautauqua, [and] it is typically on a Wednesday, but David McCullough is coming, so we changed it to that Thursday.”

The CPOA will host its annual area picnics Thursday across the grounds.

Chautauqua is separated into 10 different areas, like political districts in a state. Each area has its own representative on the CPOA board.

“It’s just a chance to gather and get to know one another and visit [and to] take a little pause in the business of Chautauqua,” said Zachry, Area 10 representative.

Areas will either have their own picnic or pair up with another district.

Those who attend can reference fliers from their area representative for what to bring. Fliers were to be passed out this past weekend to mailboxes. Property owners, renters and guests are all welcome to attend their picnic, Zachry said.

“Every picnic is organized a little bit differently,” Zachry said. “Generally, [we] ask for people to bring a side dish, or an appetizer or a salad, but it will be very specifically laid out on the flier.”

Rebekah Barnes

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