Q&A With Ricardy Fabre, Chautauqua Theater Company Conservatory Actor

Ricardy Fabre

Who: Ricardy Fabre, Chautauqua Theater Company conservatory actor.

Fabre will be playing the role of Associate Pastor Joshua in CTC’s production of The Christians. He loved delving into the difficult questions the show brings up and staying engaged in the conversation around faith, belief and religion encouraged by the play.

“All three of those categories are things I’m investigating in my own life, thinking about where I stand in all of them,” Fabre said. “Playing this role is challenging because of that and because everyone is trying to dig so deep into their characters.”

He’s also looking forward to the conversations the play will foster in the Chautauqua community.

Where he’s from: He’s originally from Baldwin, New York, and is preparing to enter his third year in the Brown/Trinity Rep M.F.A. acting program at Brown University. Fabre used to work at the Apple Store in Manhattan, but moved on to pursue theater full-time.

He’s returning for his second summer at Chautauqua after being inspired to come last year by his fellow actors he knew and looked up to. 

“Before I entered into graduate school, I was just a theater nerd, and after seeing other actors I was familiar with, I saw that some of them were spending their summers at Chautauqua,” Fabre said. “They were people whose work I enjoyed, and so when I got into grad school, I knew this was one of the places I’d love to spend my summer.”

Favorite theater memory: Anytime he’s been able to walk into an empty theater.

Fabre said that when he was growing up, theater wasn’t necessarily a popular thing to be doing, but it was something he wanted to do nonetheless. When he got to college, he sought out chances to become involved with acting, even if it was just being in the empty performance space.

“Whenever I could find a theater, or opportunities to be in one, the feeling that overcame me when I was in that space was so exciting,” Fabre said. “It’s a space with an abundance of possibilities. There’s so much history there, and it’s sacred, in a way.”

Chief among these ventures is when he was able to walk into the Globe Theatre in London. The history and significance of the historic venue were things Fabre deeply appreciated.

“It was exhilarating, it was surreal, and one of my favorite feelings,” Fabre said.

Favorite food: That’s tricky.

Fabre is currently transitioning to a meat-free, fast food-free diet.

“It’s so hard,” Fabre said.

He’s still figuring out what his favorite food is, because it can no longer be a savory indulgence like fried chicken or a burger.

Currently, both quinoa and chickpeas are growing on him.

“They aren’t necessarily my favorites, but they’re my go-tos right now,” Fabre said.

Favorite part of Chautauqua: Fabre loves the nature that is so deeply tied to the Chautauqua community. He greatly appreciates the lake, trails and trees in the area.

“I feel that I’m an Earth person; I enjoy trees and space and water,” Fabre said. “There’s something about being amongst nature that is tranquil and serene.”

Fabre also enjoys the artists who call this community home for the summer, because they encourage him to improve as an artist, while giving him a strong sense of community.

Dream vacation: Fabre said he’d love to make a trip to Africa after seeing a friend of his make the journey and have a great time.

Fictional character he’d love to meet: In light of this hero’s recent cinematic appearances, Fabre said he’d love to meet Marvel’s Black Panther.

“(The movie) was just such a moving, historic piece,” Fabre said. “Culturally, it was magnificent; visually, it was stunning. The world they created in Wakanda seemed so special, so rich in history.”

Thinking back, Fabre said he’d be able to check off his dream vacation and his favorite fictional meet-up at the same time if he were able to visit the fantastical country of Wakanda.

Plans for the future: First and foremost, completing his third year at Brown/Trinity. After that, he hopes to continue to work in theater full-time.

“(Finishing school) is both exciting and scary at the same time because of all the new endeavors that are on the horizon,” Fabre said.

After that, he’d love to focus on television and film, all while staying true to his roots and continuing to perform in live theater.

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