Grilled Cheeselers Get Cooked by Hot Chauts

Grilled Cheeselers’ Emma Stephen prepares to hit the ball during a game against the Hot Chauts on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, at Sharpe Field. This is the last game before the women’s softball playoffs.

The Grilled Cheeselers started off hot, but ended up getting over cooked by the Hot Chauts Tuesday at Sharpe Field.

Ending at 13-10 Hot Chauts, Chautauqua’s Grilled Cheeselers played a good game but couldn’t keep up when it came to major plays. The Hot Chauts were off to a strong start in the first inning, scoring four points after Paula Bobik hit a triple with the bases loaded, and followed them home when the next ball was hit.

The big plays didn’t stop there for the Hot Chauts, however, with captain Jennifer Tarr hitting a triple later in the game, and Bobik hitting another triple after that. Big plays and strong communication kept the Hot Chauts ahead, making every play count throughout the innings.

Even when a Grilled Cheeseler hit a line drive right over the pitcher’s head, the Hot Chauts kept cool and the ball moving to get an out.

With Bobik getting into a routine of strong hitting at important points, no matter how hard the Grilled Cheeselers would try to even it up, a crack of the bat by Bobik would send the score up even higher. Family and friends in the stands would chant and cheer whenever Bobik came up to bat, encouraging their star player forward.

Though the Grilled Cheeselers held their own throughout the game with some impressive catches and strong plays both offensively and defensively, they couldn’t hold on for the win.

The Grilled Cheeselers played well earlier in the day, though, winning two games — one against the Chautauqua Moms and another against the Belles — before falling to the Hot Chauts. The team agreed that they were exhausted from playing all day but admitted that they had never beaten the Hot Chauts.

After the game, the Grilled Cheeselers said they were just excited to be there and ready for the playoffs to come.

“We’re hoping to win the finals; we’re the second seed,” said Julia Koron, Grilled Cheeselers captain. “We lost in the finals last year but we’re hoping to come back and make some grilled cheese.”

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